enter the matrix…

Matrix trilogy is one of my favorite movie. The sci-fi sequences the jargon concepts and web of machines controlled by computers, really a magnificent imagination of the wachowski brothers who have written script of the movie.

When I saw for the movie for the first time I really wonder whether such world will became really one day but eventually dropped any such thought considering that the movie is a fiction.

But think about it, if you see the world around you as per your regular view you will not see any change or any irregularity in it, but what if you change your perspective to see towards thing and adopt another’s perspective to perceive things? That’s where you enter into the world of real matrix. But for that also there is a prerequisite as Morpheus had given a choice to Neo to select a capsule; either red or blue. Just like that while changing your perspective you are supposed to drop all your prejudices, you must open your mind for new ideas you must accept the contrasting reality once entering into the matrix. That is choosing the RED capsule, but if you choose Blue, no matter where you are in matrix or in your regular world things will remain the same. Just like you can enter into other world people from that world can enter into your world for them your world will be matrix. In this way everyone from either side of matrix has this choice of changing their perspective.

So what’s in the matrix? It is indeed gloomy and full of robots as shown in the movie, not exactly the same since rather than mechanical machines you will see human machines acting like robots. Like Agents of movie there will be a group of people: robots, hostile to other group of people i.e. humans and peoples. The robots are ruled by money and money is regulated by rules. No sentiments no emotions no feelings a ruthless world. People running behind money forgetting their human values and ethics, live becomes race against time and time that is brought in terms of money … everywhere money, in fact here time also becomes money! Power also became money! Respect also come and go with money. And people follows and serve the agent for this MONEY!!!

Fortunately Like the movie, in the world of matrix there exist some humans also who are holding the human values in their heart.These humans find and introduce the one ‘neo’ into the system to get them out of the sink of matrix. Many times neo is from the other world self motivated with full of ethics and goodness of human value.  But irrespective of this luminous in his heart path of neo is never so easy, after entering what he finds is total darkness,  some force like black hole which tries to even suck off the illumines of goodness from neo. It really becomes challenging from even neo in such times to sustain in that gloomy environment. But to his fortune before fading of the light of luminous Morpheus appears and make neo realize that “he doesn’t need to fear about this darkness, the fear has darken his mind so badly that he have started thinking that it’s not worth the efforts to find the place of light.”  Then Morpheus enlighten him by making neo realize about the power of luminous inside neo and guide him how to use it. Remember this luminous is nothing but the ethics that neo has developed in his world before entering in the matrix.

To end the infinite world of matrix its necessary for neo to understand what exactly it is? How does it work?, and as he starts to understand the matrix, it expands! Just when he thinks that he has learned the way to deal with it, matrix again expands with new diversions. Although matrix expands neo is left the same as he begins and then he realize that perhaps his scene of progress is based on illusion that things out there are going to remain the same and that at last he has gain control, but in reality of that matrix neo is a foreign body and it expands irrespective of knowledge of neo.

But neo never give up he keeps on trying. Every neo believes that his greatest weakness is his greatest strength so in the matrix he attacks in the others what they themselves do in a different form and this pattern continues until they become fully conscious of it.

Often neo come across the people of the matrix and robots too, he even tries to tell that a great, wonderful world exists out of this matrix but to feel it you must change your perspective and give away your fear. But poor people programmed by the matrix in such a way that breaking their illusion becomes almost impossible. Similarly about the agents of matrix some are hostile towards neo but unlike the movie the agents i.e.  (Robots, at least some of them who have their brain working) understand the neo but unfortunately rarely respond to neo. The communication never goes at it should be, as neo progress n talks the robots whose brain are under some influence of consciousness goes silence. So for neo it seems that they are getting bored or losing interest or making up their own mind about what neo is saying or even about neo himself without his guidance. So neo believes that as long as he can keep them talking he may know what they (robots) are thinking.

But silence can also mean confidence and mutual respect, silence can mean live and let live: the appreciation that he is neo and robot is robot. This silence is an affirmation that they are already together as two people and not entities of matrix, just to be safe from rules of matrix robots choose to be silent.  “Worlds can mean that I want to make you into friend and silence can mean that I accept you already being ‘the one’”

Finally These all people and robots (good one) understand that they are doing something wrong and then their consciousness tells them about it but simultaneously the programmed mind instructs them to keep on doing the same thing and surprisingly brain supports it by finding a reason to justify the act of continuation.

let us come out this all, if you are with sound mind until now, following this post till here and if you are a human; not robots then you must have understood what i am talking about.

So what is solution? In fact do we need one? Why neo fails to deliver the results? Why it is so difficult? The answer is right in the choice: between the red and blue capsule. every time people of matrix has choice to be right by accepting the matrix as it is by choosing BLUE capsule or being human by choosing the RED one.

Which capsule you will choose?

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