can we change this? continued, looking towards we can change this…

dear friends,
exactly that’s why i am proposing this website/blog stuff, which will break all barriers of stupid management.

we should have a web site for collaborating ideas from teachers, computer enthusiastic, ex-students, toppers etc,
we can have discussions just like this one going. this will provide all information for students, so they can extract knowledge from that,

See how it can solve the 9 out of 13 problems of can we change this,
1. How stuff works:
If teachers collaborate their ideas and create article with help of sites like Wikipedia, howstuffworks + their own knowledge students will understand things quickly, if they see these things before lectures they will understand lectures better. This will solve attendance problem too.
2. Relate bookish technology with real time technology
If above thing is implemented correctly this will became very easy for students.
3. Twicks to learn a language and software faster
In this section Ex-students like rajesh bhide, madhur or any good programmer can share twicks n someone like u( i.e. Joshi sir) can approve it (to see lucidity of content) infact sir can also contribute directly.
As sometimes in noise of class teachers also forget to tell some imp. Points as many other students keep on asking basic doubt as (explained by dattatray sir ), in this situation the advanced knowledge can be put on the site.
4. Discussion on syllabus
For this sir n ex students working in industry contribute telling importance of the subjects they have learnt n their importance in their work now, does n don’t etc.
5. Reducing Burdon from ‘team of doers’
Upload the work online before sem start, any enthu. Having time can start working on it based on things on the site as per 1st n 2nd measure. Since the syllabus will be discussed previously he will have knowledge of things and so he can work according to a stratergy which will save his lots of time.
6. prelim test : make it optional
Why to make optional if step 5 followed successfully all studious students will score good marks.
7. Information about various meets and contests
Anybody can post link abt it on the site.
8. Open source
This site itself is a best example of open source!!!
9. Making annual event more effective
As far as COG is concerned, they will get idea n material from site n the seniors contributing to the site. Using these idea they can build presentations, projects, programs(s/w) etc.

From the 13 points I mentioned 9 can be solved by the site n contributors to it. Only problem is will u support it??? Coz teachers must “MUST” promote it in class, they should make the student to go online. Just like Gadekar sir did abt assignment of IP for SE.

This will be an indirect help to now only students of FAMT but also to all mumbai university college. posting of reply facility will be provided for FAMT students only!!! so no problem of conjunction.

It will save patience of staff members too. as teacher will not need to repeat same thing, like how to have format of synopsis, “go on site n check it out, a demo document is provided”

Experience will be shared as new comer teacher will also get help from the site. So next time a teacher appointed from shivaji university will now cry as “in my syllabus I never studied this subject”.
He can refer the discussion on syllabus for his citation.

about the 4 remaining issues in can we change this 3 issues like, better infrastructure, strong students association n english speaking comes under management.
and improving exams structure comes under university.

if we want to change it then only way of doing that is creation of petition.and submitting it to HOD and principle. unless n until u demand for it, no one is going to give away it for free.

i have solution for 12th too, ask the ITSA to have seminars on tech world in GGC.
on name of “creating awareness about IT”.
explain them Fundamental of IT in 1-2 sessions (FIT subject in our syllabus)
give them URL of our site, let them see sections as
how stuff works, syllabus n all as guest.

n when they will get into FAMT make them permanent menbers !!!

by doing this everyone gets benefited,
the computer enthusiast will get knowledge n source of citation early, you dont have to spend your more patience, stupid boys will get their fate, based on just what u all wl teach in lectures.

n with this all now a student will be able to become a geek and a topper simultaneously!!! so wl get a perfect engineer who will have capacity to convert knowledge into intelligence.

i know it will be a hectic and long term process, but if we start working on it from now we can complete it and have trial on next year students!

if you feel shy to write reply at least make 2 clicks of your mouse for following voting.
thank you.

32 thoughts on “can we change this? continued, looking towards we can change this…

  1. Thanks sir bt I don’t see any progress in discussion,
    Looking into past 3 days comments we are talking about how things are but we must move on coz the discussion is about bringing change…. Lot of determination and willpower is required to bring change in any system. We must extirpate our old outdated values and thoughts for that.
    About the classification of students given by bhide, Tht truly reflects students and their behavior till my time or current BE but, since the new syllabus batch things are changing, why ur forgetting that now IT gets full 60 students intake. Things are changing….
    Now what solution I have proposed above, please think on that and also read my ITSA manifesto,
    Together this can create a better system.
    We will need to promote and propagate this site into students and for that we can take help of ITSA events, passing info through informal channels, I mean what`s use of students association then???
    But for that you(teachers) must have database of students who really want to do some work. You must promote them, encourage them.
    hitherto I don’t think IT department is having any database of students mobile numbers, email ID; where it is much needed to pass on messag.e in fact we can ask students of respective year to read these article on site as soon as they are published through SMS (way2sms can do this job). just tell them URL n author name!!!
    The website itself act as an open source project where moderator will be someone like joshi sir n developers will be a team from ITSA. Think with help of this site the students will come up with their own ideas, for presentation, project n all.
    here my web site soln is kind of indirect help, so those interested will surely ask respective author for help.
    see though this we can also give info abt exams too, like CAT, GATE, UPSC/MPSC etc which is not available today in our college.
    exploit the technology, there are immense possibilities we all know that, but it is up to you whether you are ready for it or want to wait till some one forcefully ask you to Do it.


  2. oh.. i forget abt this issue no problem, we can still do it, wl purchase domain. it costs around 1500 annually. this is best: every year IT topper get 10k from famt we can ask him to donate n Spencer the site 🙂


  3. Instead, of this i already told Sanyal we can have seperate blog page where everyone can post and edit his comments, this will be the best idea. All we need is a link and we can then market it.. Think abt it..


  4. another advantage here will be that we will not be required to build a site from scratch which will save a lot of time..


  5. breaking news:
    students of RAIT use linux from FE.
    no pirated s/w, no virus, welcome open source!!!
    this year 3rd topper of IT is from RAIT @ 81%

    where r we????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    1. walchand college also we have i sir..for FE->BE he tells do a C,CPP program in windows..and your termwork will not be documentation except will be LINUX IS compulsory..even for documentation use only latex..(not for all subjects) but this is change..we have seperate linux labs here..for IT and for COMP windows…this is what is needed…remove windows from some PCs in CP1 or CP2 if u know windows is there u temp to login there..dont give that option..


  6. We used original Microsot Windows XP(pirated with all kinds of viruses)
    RAIT also has its own online alumni network including links to individual blog sites, we are still struggling to have one..


  7. Hi ,

    Yeah , discussion is going no-where.

    it’s time to summerize.

    *Problem Statement
    *why problem is there in 1st place.
    *What Mgmt. should do.
    *what Teachers should do.
    *What Students should do.

    (we can’t change exam system overnight , we should take it as baseline for work on)

    * Lack of Enthu. towards programming.
    * few students barely understand what it is in first place. and fail to see benefits of being a good Coder.
    * Mgmt. : offer incentives to good Coders , arrange Coding Contests often.
    * Teachers: Explain benefits of being good coder. spark enthu. into studnets , encourage and solve their doubts. in short use some Innovations in Teaching programming languages.
    * Studnets : Listen to teacher respectfully and intently. Take some initiative in Learning programming lang. by own. try to solve WAPC assignments by own. Have good will to be a Coder.

    if we listed both appearent and root problems , and agreed on everyone’s part.
    we can march towards a Goal together. All the Best!



    1. Hey Rajesh !

      there’s one more thing that is needed to be done, GIVE LESS THEORY ASSIGNMENTS.
      What are these assignments for ? for Students sake nah ? So that we can have notes ready for exams ? then why not allow printouts or xerox copies ? I can understand about maths like subjects.. written part is important there.. but I just dont get it when they ask us to write huge assignments…. everyone knows where these assignment files go after finishing semester.

      When I came to MCA after finishing my Bcom, one thing I noticed about others. They all know theories very well and few of my classmates are really good in coding part. I hereby agree, my group mates are far more intelligent than me. but their problem is.. they never got the time during their Bsc to look at the other things. but even after being a commerce graduate, how do I know few things more that these people ? things that they havent even heard of ? Simple ! I used to use my pc+internet for ~12 hrs a day for 5 years. and at the same time these people were busy finishing journals.
      Even now in MCA.. they are busy completing theory assignments. My online friends ask me why I dont come online much these days.. even I’m being one of them ! Certainly, now I know other ways to keep me updated.. but these people never get the time and exposure to the internet that I got. None of them is active on any community website than orkut where as I’ve been on chip forums,digit forums, ubuntu forums, MSDN forums, digg, slashdot.. heck, I even Admin my own forum which IS active.
      If my group mates were active on atleast 1 of these forums, there would be a lot difference.
      I used to think different before but now I know.. its not their fault… they just didnt get time out of completing journals … :-\


      1. 🙂
        good point, i dont know abt MCA but for my BE IT i used to write my own assignments from wikipedia n MSDN forum, and most of from web.
        this is one of source of my updated knowledge.
        i used books only in PL 😀
        if THEORY ASSIGNMENTS or notes are provided in printed form no one will bother to read even open it, till exams.
        besides university recommendes how many assignments should be given, n teacher has to follow that.

        well wait for joshi sir`s reply he can give better citation than me on this.


  8. my dear friend rajesh,
    well, i am repeating this thing that we are talking about CHANGE n not REVOLUTION.

    in sociology n politics change is always progressive with subtle n significant steps.
    revolutions are held overnight causing hurting ppl`s ego n minds. that exactly i don’t want.
    no one should be coarse to do what the things we are talking about. they should feel importance of it, then only the applied measures will sustain.

    in last few days discussion we have been talking about problem statement and yes we have defined it correctly @ just go through comments.
    and now its time to move on so i have redirected discussion to this page.

    here i am proposing a solution and now similarly we can have more solutions and discussion on it, regarding how to implement it, modify it.

    so its not time to wrap up!!! give your solution. express your view on this site stuff. what u said that’s the ultimate goal but for that we must crate/ have a vehicle/ mean.


    1. Hi ,

      i will state what i can do/offer.

      it’d be my pleasure and honor to share my experiences with Programming along with u gr8 guyz like Sanyal , Saquib , Kunal , Madhur, Omkar… to our juniors in some seminar / crash course in C on some weekend.

      we can bring in more glorious Alumini to enlighten our fellows.


      1. thanks a lot…. i was expecting this from you.
        well i m looking to have a collaborative site /blog wt ITSA site, im working on it.
        i wl inform u abt it.


  9. Well,
    It’ll be nice if our programming experiences’ll be helpful to our juniors.
    Most of the things can be done online with Forums…
    We can also request Mr. Abhyankar Sir & Mr. Dhawas Sir to contribute & guide.
    It’ll be gr8 if we start site like, instead of just a forum.


  10. i don’t have as much knowledge as all you do have.
    but if i can help you a bit it surely will be my pleasure.


    1. dont under estimate ur self, no one is perfect, each one has some born talents, by sharing our ideas together we can really do something innovative.
      thanks for your support.


  11. hi there,
    Great initiative Sani.Am sure this will help Textbook engineers like me to learn more and have practical knowledge.My Pleasure if i can contribute something here!!!!


  12. hi sanyal..i’v seen dis page for the frst tyme today n m completely hooked..m not as pro as u guys in anything n m really not ashamed of learnin anythin new frm scratch.i mean y shud i stop my knowledge to grow jus cause sme1 snickers..please let me knw if bhide n gang r up on any seminars.i’d luv to attend dem.


  13. Sanyal lets do something. I will be free and available for next 6 months. I will help tou in whichever way you want. Instead writing on blocks and trying to get votes we will first try to launch product and then ask for review thats the way i prefer working.


  14. You have great support for your nice ideas and lucid motive for that ideas. Go ahead Sanyal if you need any help from me let me know.


  15. thanks darshan for your support and ya ur right we have to implement some thing but what i am expecting is this action should be from the teachers side.
    since we cant do it as obviously we dont have time.
    atleast for me i no longer belong to IT n programming, i can do just management kind of stuff.
    second thing if students are not made aware of such site thn they will not look for it so teachers must make some provision so as to divert students here.
    blog is excellent free way of doing this and no one can object on it.
    there are issues with dedicated paid site and it is discussed previously. joshi sir has explained clashed with mgmt, so blog is right way.
    and the last and mooost important thing is “ego-shanti” for this students organization as well as teachers synchronization is needed and this can only be achieved by some one from teacher or a ex-students who can talk with each faculty.
    also i m looking for someone to take initiative preferably from a teacher of our college.


  16. Hey Sanyal…been here after long any progress..about buying domain or any other thing am ready to contribute ..please let me know.want to a part of this.If there is need to learn something before joining let me know i ll start reading or brushing up


  17. Hey Sanyal,
    Students can collect Rs.60000/- for a farewell party(350 each * 3years)then if each one just contributed Rs.7/- each then no need for a sponsorship from the IT topper.
    And if anyone paid even 5 Rs. then there will be curiosity for at least ones to see the site for which he paid.
    And to make him visit again,I think our site is sufficient.


  18. By taking into consideration (that you are not the person with only ideas,you must have already started to implement them)I am writing OUR SITE “IS” SUFFICIENT.
    And i am eager to contribute to it as per my knowledge.


  19. yes i am working on it, but it will take more time as it involves a lot politics… and there are certainly more issues which i must clear first.


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