can we change this?

After spending a lot time on forums then social networking site I am kind of bored so now I decided to try out blogging 🙂

So finally after 4 years i got one of the most important import things in my life. I learned lot of things in past 3 years. In this journey sometimes I felt that something is missing or situation could have been better if things were put in different way. In this article I have mentioned 13 things that I would like to see changed in engineering course. Being ITion my tone is based on computing but you can relate it with your kind of field too since IT touches every field.

I believe that this whole technology is man-made and not god made so every individual has full right to get knowledge about it.

b4 moving ahead please read following comments from documentary Zeitgeist:

we must be open to new information at all times even if it threaten our current belief system & hence identities. Sadly society today has failed to recognize this and the established institutions continue to paralyze growth by preserving outdated social structures.

Simultaneously population suffers from fear of change for their conditioning assume a static identity & changing once belief system usually results in insult and apprehension for being wrong is erroneously associated with failure, when in fact to be proven wrong should be celebrated for it is elevating someone to new level of understanding furthering awareness…

Educational institute are best to start this process so here is a list of something that I would like see changed so that a well aware generation of engineers and thus citizens will emerge. (why just engineers ? -> I think they are the one most close to technology)

1. How stuff works

People always run away from technology due to its complexity but it is fact that complexity is inherent in technology. If whole jargon terms are put together in proper way then there will be no problem in understanding ‘how stuff works’. (u gotta read NCERT board books) professor n students discuss here how various technologies works. For this no one is supposed to write any sort of essay or presentation (although if any eminent student or staff member wishes to do so he/she is always welcome) but just copy paste info. From sites like,, etc. (long live open source!!!) here only requirement is all the essay or presentation should be cited by some staff member from college for lucidity of language and content.


2. Relate bookish technology with real time technology

I always believe that when we see things going in front of our own eyes we can understand it in better way. It is continuity of how stuff works as it’s up to students now how they can relate things as per heir thinking process and knowledge.

I always find books very boring rather i believe in ‘do it yourself philosophy’ and any time things goes wrong then ask expert and at last step read it from book or manuals (if experts also fail).

By doing this I used to create new problems and keep on finding solutions that was nice TP. (and headache for my professors :P)

we can have small tutorials which will enable students from respective year to relate bookish stuff with contemporary computing. Like working of antivirus, firewalls.

it allows them to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-world situations, and in doing so not only makes them better prepared for their own entry into the world of employment or academic research, but also strengthens their understanding of the underlying concepts they are supposed to have learned.. Hopefully this will help to build do it yourself attitude which is very important.

3. Twicks to learn a language and software faster

This is really important as technology moves at really fast speed it is very difficult to run with contemporary IT sector and I know that is not expected from BE students but if there is any bright student with fast learning attitude then there should be a platform for him.

Here we can have different cheat sheets, tutorials, list of twicks n small custom/ readymade programs which will enable the student to learn things. Here also Citation from expert is needed.

4. Discussion on syllabus

I just want to point out that there are some mistakes that are repeated each year. a senior student knows it but due to lack of standard platform they don’t discuss it with their juniors. And worst part is juniors then take advice of some non reliable sources or simply they just don’t care and progress without any plan. What I expect student will get exposure from ITions working in industries, Management sector or any field. When juniors will get guidance from some brilliant senior it will help them in planning of their next semester and hence currier.

toppers/ brilliant students from each year can do this task for their preceding years students, like TE students can do it for SE students. college can give a platform like forum so free discussions can be held in students and forums can be managed by students which will give then experience of handling a real time project.

5. Reducing Burdon from ‘team of doers’

I don’t know about all other measure but I think you should seriously consider this one.

We all have spend a lot of time in writing assignments and journals. And we all know where they go after semester end. Also only few students write it regularly and all other just copy-> paste it. I call this few student team as team of doers.

If these all assignments for entire semester are posted on web it will enable students to complete the assignments as syllabus goes on. Also teacher can add/subtract any question afterward. This will help the” team of doers” who spend all time in searching answers. What actually happen is at last months before exams students are bombarded with assignments and thus find less time for study which is actually crucial at last stage. Here performance of all students gets hampered as rather than engineering work we spend our time in clerical works.

Same case is for journal writings. Thankfully our IT department allows taking printouts of writing stuff it really save lot of time.

6. prelim test : make it optional

Seriously I never understand why they put such exams as I mention above point we don’t even get time to prepare and then we sit for the papers what possibly we can write there? Well here in my case I being one of the stupid guy always tried to write it seriously sitting for all 3 hours alone in class and finally realize in my BE its all bullshit except for some subjects. in DWM paper question were asked from part which was never taught in class how on the earth we would write answers to that? We don’t have 6th science! This is absolutely unintelligible.

What I want to say is these test should be based on assignment questions or students should be informed about possible questions asked in prelims. The cause is simple if I get 60-65 marks in prelims then it will surely boost my confidence for main exams and I will be encouraged to do more study to optimize these marks.

Also some people don’t care about term work and all they should be lay off from these exams. (anywas they don’t care if they get 0 out of 5 due to that) This will help those students who are willing to test their skills before mains.

anywas i got a solution for all those who rather prefer to sleep during 2 hours try writing your paper as shown bellow,


i appreciate his imagination power 😀

7. Better exam system

Our HRD minister has mulled over making 10th exam optional and bringing grading system for 10th. On this basis Now I think that Mumbai university should implement grading system for our exams too. I mean they give away 10 marks for free to get distinction that is ridiculous why you give away this free marks ? does that mean university don’t have faith in the paper checkers?

These tests can never test true potential of engineer.

As far as my branch IT is concerned, 60-70% paper is always repeated without any analysis involved in it just straightforward questions and if you write all you know then also you get less than 7 marks and you cannot argue on this marking system.

These exams never test thinking capacity but just test memorizing capacity of students.

better than this they should bring grading system here.
8. Better infrastructure

We want working wi-fi , wi-fi hotspots, 20-30 pc in working condition where students can use internet->web. For presentation purposes each department should have its own LCD projector.

And moreover teacher should use it in lectures. I can’t say that move of management on ban on mobile in campus is wrong as I have seen Students misusing it including me too. But management should not ban on technology rather they should negotiate some solution on it.

virus free PC in CP labs  (oh… im looking for Utopian cp lab )

9. Information about various meets and contests

Some interesting contests are held annually by brands like nokia, Microsoft, Hp each year. Being part of such events is not difficult at all in fact due to open source people happily guide the new comers. By doing this we can always have a team of good programmers ready for any contest like one took place by Infosys. By this more students will get latest information which will not only help them but also all other students for making progress.

10. Open source

(for those who don’t know what is open source click here and if you are from IT branch and still don’t know about open source -> go and kill yourself)

I always stumble upon this point. About 80% of knowledge I posses is because of open source. There is one say from linus torvalds about it as: “open source enable us to get our work done without doing any work” anyone who work with open source perfectly understands true meaning of it.

If college promote it carefully then students will do their part of study by their self and you will see revolution in results for sure.

It is very important to draw people towards web. Internet is good source of information. people post their thoughts without fear of anyone. Of course we cannot rely on such information and thus citation of professors is needed. For NCERT books they use Wikipedia and britanica encyclopedia as source of information and we engineer don’t. this situation should be changed.

After reading this all you might say/think that ok… this is your point of view and your need. But I don’t think I need this all as I CAN NOT DO THIS or I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT. You would have done this all if you were fascinated by the world of technology.

By implementing such measures we will not lose our liberty I mean it is absolutely optional whether you want to open your eyes for a better world or you are happy in darkness, illness of unawareness. Ofcource this all will matter for all to be engineers. only reason behind all foreign countries progress in tech world lies in their psychology of OPEN SOURCE. think abt it.


11. Strong students association

In our college we lack unity sole exception is mechanical students. A students association can create a better pool in teachers and student if and only if members are eligible to en shoulder the responsibility. Not like ITSA elections where the voters are bribed.

Consider following story…


that`s how democracy works today 😀

Students associations can definitely contribute in finding the talented juniors through various events. ITSA can have events like TPP, workshop for juniors on explaining technology.

It will help in all ways as presenter student will gain confidence, teachers will also get to know some more stuff and juniors will get more information.

you can see my post for ideal ITSA here

12. Making annual event more effective

Each year it is seen that 90% people look forward for utopia and very less 10-20% students take part in brainwaves which is actually a national event. The whole team of brainwaves abuse utopia because of it.

This year there was just one project from IT section and that also not from FAMT. I think cause of this is lack of interest of students in technology and followed by less interest of teachers.

I remember that during brainwaves TPP selection process there was just one staff member for judging process and just 20-25 students. For an engineering college this defiantly a not good sign. Same day cricket final was on and all staff and student were present there. Now this definitely posts a wrong message to students regarding attitude of system toward technical events and we need to change this.

13. Language : make it compulsory

I think teachers should communicate with students in English compulsory from 3rd year. English is need and especially students from ratnagiri really suffer a lot when we get graduate and goes into ocean of ITions from all around world. Here web can be of really very help.  unfortunately some staff members faces trouble in talking  English….. can’t make any comment on it!!!  ohh n college management says sit for lectures to make ur attendance more than 75%  WT* dude!!! for all such lectures i keep on doing following ….

Anarchy of mumbai university

so this is basic reason for all this misery, i dont understand, why mumbai university doesn`t make any tie up with IIT mumbai for designing syllabus ? or why they consult those eminent peoples? big misery coz IT`s syllabus is designed by a person who is mechanical engineer isn’t that great!!!

events like exams, practs, checking of papers, happen in random order its actually based on chaos theory, one missed event from university n your Currier is F**ed up!! why don’t they have plane for year??

and we think we are engineer from mumbai unversity….. really smart one, is it so????  u should think abt it n act on your level to help at least coming  students.


If you agree with any one of the 13 point then please mention it in comment

if you want to add anything then also comment it.

If you think I am nuts you can also tell that  😀

Please don’t abuse any person here don’t post any persons direct name it is not good sign as we are discussing a one of the bit of taboo subject.

also do follow second part of this post at here to get more factual info.

129 thoughts on “can we change this?

  1. First of all i would like to appreciate Sanyal for such a great piece of work and of course all of the above is true. Some of the things i wud also like to add to d above discussion..

    1) How Stuff Works:
    The only thing that most of the students fear studing a subject is coz of lack of explanation capability of most of the staff. I dont blame

    them completely for this but most of them make the actual content to be discussed so confusing to the students that at the first sight itself

    students loose all of their interest in further study of the matter. Info from open source sites will surely help the students.

    2) Relate bookish technology with real time technology:

    This is what should university must focus on. The practicals as we all knw are mereley repeating of the journals. Instead creativity from the students side should be appreciated. Real time problems should be given to students and they should be guided of the various possible best solutions they can come up with.

    3) Twicks to learn a language and software faster:

    Yea good tutorials are must in here.

    4) Syllabus:
    The syllabus is truly outdated. I remember learning CRT in the era of LCD’s and plasmas with no reference to them in our syllabus. The newer syllabus is bit better but according to me the syllabus should change as frequently as possible maybe a year, coz there is no use in wasting time learning old outdated technologies. Ya some basics maybe an exception to this.

    5) Reducing Burden from ‘team of doers’:

    I still dont uderstand the meaning of these assignments which are meant to be copied. I felt merely like a typist completing those assignments and journals. Instead i wud recommend some creative work instead, such as every student must be given a good topic to prepare, for eg. we can have TPP workshops on practical knowledge rather than those boring assignments. Reducing assignments and increasing such creative work will surely help.

    6) prelim test:

    I dont know abt others but i hardly study for prelims, failed in 2-3 subjects and still able to get distinction in final exam. This proves only a single thing to me prelims are ‘useless’. You can disagree to me for this point..

    7) Better exam system:

    Ya the exam is mere repetition of questions. The only questions i studied were the ones which appeared in the

    8) Better infrastructure:

    Instead of providing internet facility in the library, where most of students for sure misuse it, PC’s should be placed in every class.LCD’s have got a lot cheaper now-a-days. Illustrative learning will surely generate an interest among the students. The staff member can directly search on the net the topic he is abt to teach or use his own presentations. LCD projectors can also be used but those in case only when required.

    9) Information about various meets and contests:

    What is current situation is that notices are pasted on notice board and students jst mock at the events and forget it. Instead they should be encouraged personally to join such contests.. teachers role is crucial here.

    10) Making annual event more effective:

    The only thing abt anual meet is that i cant understand the politics in here. Everytime i have tried getting in any event the so called superiors held me back. U knw what’s to be improved right?

    11) Language:

    For sure ‘English’ language should be compulsary.


  2. Hey,
    Thanx for writing such a nice stuff (specifically about FAMT)!!!
    (becoz many of us wanted to say this, but nobody done this…)

    But dont think that our colg staff’ll read it & will take good decisions to improve it!
    Becoz they really don’t bother of it (you can read ‘it’ as ‘IT’ 😉 )!
    Truely speaking, teachers wants only student’s attendance…
    Not ‘Students’!!!

    (If teacher permits, then many students’ll not even think about 5 marks of attendance, becoz that time will give much more marks in theory papers!)

    They even never think about WHY students bunks lectures…
    (धवस सरांसारख्या शिक्षकांनी students ना classes bunk करायची परवानगी दिली तरी ९०% of class will not bunk classes!!!
    I mentioned name here becoz I wanted to thanx for teachers like Dhawas Sir!!!)
    Many of teachers need to think about this!

    #2: Real time tech? We still use Oracle 8 for DBMS, ADBMS in 6-7th sem & VB6, ASP for mini projects!

    #5: 80% of IT students takes admission for I.T., just becoz they want Degree, not becoz they want to be Engineer…
    So these guys increases burden on ‘Team of doers’….

    (& it doesn’t affect on their marks, though teachers knowing names of those students! so It’ll remain as it going on.)

    #4: Discussion on syllabus: अरे, then what we discuss just before Viva & in PL?

    #6: Your first sentence says it all!!!

    #7: Talking on exam/marking system is just bullshit… so leave that!

    # 8: Better infrastructures… are what you saying?
    You saying about 20-30 PC in fully working condition… Joke!
    & without Virus? (Dude, why you applying filters?)

    #9: Is this useful for termwork/papers? Then screw it!

    #10: “Open source”… अरे, what ‘Team of doers’ does??? You forgot?

    #12: Many students take part in annual function just to enjoy, instead of enjoy & work!!!
    I was in brainwaves committee for all 4 years & after 1st year, I realized that those who work hard gets huge amount of work…
    Others just get certificate in closing ceremony!


    1. thanks… if your posting something good abt a person defiantly mention his name. i m just saying that dont abuse anyone.


  3. sanyal gr8 work…i totally agree on all des 10 points…we always used to discuss it in our times…

    Talking abt syllabus, ours was outdated and some of the subjects were absolutely not necessary… and prominently we got used to all the environment now, we don’t understand the subject and just do TP in class so i wonder if lectures were made optional for the performing students!!!!

    but well, u forgot or may be purposely din mention d politics dat was or maybe is still going on b/w some staff..remember hw much we suffered bcz of it???
    i remember abt d brainwaves TPP i participated in, i was so excited and worked so much for it but it was all in vain due to our “so called” RESPECTED JUDGE…i was so frustrated bcz i knew we were fully eligible for getting selected. I dont want others to go thru wht we went so i want 2 request d organising committee to choose judges carefully…

    about point #9 i think students are less willing to grab the knowledge…i mean u posted so many knowledgeable articles on Notice board but anly few ppl read and among des few e1 few remember it. So unless and until students are not willing we can’t do anything. You tried doing so much for the then S.E students but did that bother 4 most of them at all?

    So it’s time that student take some action and make the staff think again that “Are twe taking the students towards right direction?”


  4. Hey Sanyal,
    This is really good work.Each and every word showing how best u devote urself to write the things which every regular student thinks.One of my friend from B.E.I.T. told me that for his syllabus(from f.e to b.e.)there is no advance programing laguages like java or like still they have to do their projects in such advance languages.Infact its a need of time & he and his group is going to do the project without any guidence from the professors.But due to the rule they have to assign project guide whos appearance and involvement make matters a lotttt during the vivas and actual project presentation.
    I just cant understand why these things are happens? Here we have to consider one fact that every computer student wants a good teacher to teach them but never any student thinks that he/she will be teacher after completion of his/her curriculum.But as we know earth is round.Why all students like us never enter in teaching field?The best answer is updation.We cant keep update ourselves in the current syllabus of any Indian university.Thats why in the company teaching experience never taken into consideration.
    Well Sanyal u mentioned about open source…..But u know one of my teacher does not know how to come to desktop window from c editor.He/she told us to shut down & restart the computer for this.We all were havocked by her instruction.Open source is far away for him/her.By arranging workshops any institute can solve such a small problems without depending on government plans and other miscellaneous things.
    I differ with you on point number six.I think their shud b prilim xams without any option. Because whatever u have written their is according to your experience in FAMT.Those xams are lot lotttt helpful for students.70% My B.Sc. first class credit goes to prilim xam.Because there is no semester pattern for B.Sc.All what u learn in an year u should have to implement in the final xam.So some kind of checking is necessary.As far as engineering clg concerns ur point is some what true but again if deaprtment deides to conduct it in a proper manner then nothing is impossible.I remember 1 of my professor use to give us 2 university question papers.And the prelim paper based on those 2 papers.Due to the things which u mentioned in point number 7(third para) we got good marks in that perticular professors subject.Again i am saying that i am writing here according to M.C.A. students point of view(we never have 4 to 5 days vacation between two papers)
    Completely agree with u on point no.8.Leave that wi-Fi for sec.C.P.lab must have Laser printers.And on the clearance day i came to know clg is taking 500 rupees for breaking charges and printer charges.One question i am going to ask to management during my next meet with director sir,Which kind of this charges u r going to apply on students??????Still our well reputed college(so called) is not having its own college MAGAZINE…….
    Well…… so many things one can write on this.But to improve the things sanyal u should have to show this to College management.May be things can change.I belive on my favourite sanskrit shloka
    अमंत्रं अक्षरम नास्ति,नास्ति मूलमनौशधम!
    अयोग्य: पुरुष: नास्ति,योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभ:!!
    Evry single root,Every single leaf of any tree is useful,every single letter consist huge meaning……like wise every single person having something best quality than others..but the biggest hurdle is to assign “right person right job”.I hope ur efforts will give the opportunity to think on these things to the concerns.Any ways its really pleasure for me to write for ur work.Sorry for grammatical mistakes and if any of my thought which is not suitable here.
    Thanking You,
    Prasad Devasthali


    1. thanks… feel free to post your opinion blogs are build just for this purpose, n anytime u can not break my record of grammatical mistake so relax 😀
      n ya ex-famt students like priya mam n prachi mam r doing good job as teacher, taking care of students by considering sm of above mentioned points. (i can comment abt only my branch)


  5. gr8 work dude………but democracy working this way (acc to pt. 11 ) for sum serious gud work is defenetely unobjectionable…….wht say????


    1. ya right rohan in today’s democracy you must be bad (for some people) to do good work, and once you are dead they build all kind of statue and give away awards…. that how it works !!!


  6. thanks a lot friends, i really appreciate that you find time for reading this article and post your valuable opinion.
    decades ago management guru peter drucker had declaired :
    “the knowledge society will become far more competitive than any society we have yet known…. there will be no poor countries, there will be only ignorant countries…. thus the competitive position of every individual will depend on the ability to harness and capitalize on knowledge”
    think abt it.


  7. for all your work related to that election thing, all i wanna say is that——————
    ( Political ) Power grows out of the barrel of a gun & bribe (corruption).
    Bottomline: Either mix in traditional flow or create your own flow with a such terbulence so that you can redirect previous flow.
    Can’t comment related to other part of article as i am still in college.
    But nice one……………


    1. ( Political ) Power grows out of the barrel of a gun & bribe (corruption).
      you know whose words r these its Mao Zedong
      what moiest are doing all is philosophy of Mao Zedong decide whether its good or bad.
      and we also have gandhian thoughts bt you dont want t o listen to it i know.
      just look at NATO and then study abt uropian countries, u will get ur answer who is better n just.


  8. Firstly I want to thank you for the things you wrote here that we all wanted to say but no one said till now.

    Excellent job man…..

    How much time do you spent to write this and to prepare the cartoons???

    The cartoons they are just excellent.They Speak more than the words….

    Now commenting on the points…..

    2) I don’t understand your point second and its picture.

    4) We are lucky that we got the senior like you.

    5) Teachers should give the assignments as soon as they complete that particular part of the portion.
    And the experiments should be given at the beginning itself So that we do not have to spend our valuable time at the end for it.
    Normally many teachers used to give the experiments at the end. This should be avoided by them.
    Many times we have interest in the subject but there are too many assignments to write so that we prefer Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V option.

    I want to ask you that what you have done in your 4 years????

    6) It is “Sixth Sense” you want to say. Not science.

    And I am totally agree with you about the point that prelims should be optional.
    And for the scanned copy of the paper ,”It’s totally rocking”.

    7)The paper checkers should be trained well.I experienced this from the first year that the paper I wrote very well I got marks in the range 40 to 45.And in the papers with many “Thapa” I scored.
    But thanks to them. Whatever they check I didn’t get a kt till now.

    8)I absolutely agree.

    9)Please keep me informing so that I also can participate.But keep in mind that I am using the net from last 3 months only so I am extreme beginner.

    11) I like your moral.Use genuine software……..

    13) I like this gif most.I is mind blowing.

    Comment on comments…

    I am totally agree on saqib’s point no 6,7.

    He says in 9th point that

    “Information about various meets and contests:
    What is current situation is that notices are pasted on notice board and students jst mock at the events and forget it. Instead they should be encouraged personally to join such contests.. teachers role is crucial here.”

    I am in notice board committee …He he he………

    And finally Prasad’s comment is nice too….

    So Sanyal keep it up bro…

    We are with you…..


    1. thanks sagar.
      the second point goes like this:
      u r learning operating system in this sem now u know how pc configuration are given. the jargon words like FSB, cache etc
      well you can actually see these in your pc using s/w like CPU-z in networks you can actually see packets over net on s/w wireshark. so in this way u can relate bookish knowledge wt real world env.

      n my every assignment was original written exclusively by me wt help of web (specially wikipedia) + magazines. only for AT subjet i had copied it.


  9. thanx for writing such a gud thing…
    as we know that,as v both have experienced the system(Hw system can

    make u ‘enabled=false’).this is ceartainly a gud step against it…
    i hope,this wil surely make some gud changes..

    We Can Surely Change This
    2. Relate bookish technology with real time technology
    does our books contain latest info?
    we r still learning how things works on windows 98 or earlier windows.
    Smtime v (as a students) need to take lead in inspiring our Tchers to

    teach us Latest Technology….Some of Our Respected Teachers,Have

    Potential but they are toooooooo much lazy…..

    4. Discussion on syllabus
    this is d good thing Ur suggesting to our dear junior frnds…
    Junior can take help frm senior students ..m sure….if they ask doubts


    LAZY teachers…

    5.About Assignment..
    I have found that assignments r only helpful for the
    no of students=(class strength-2) .
    All other student copies assignment and waste their time in being as a

    faster ‘Xerox’ machine….

    8. Better infrastructure,Better exam system
    –>Wat is that???
    better exam sys ..exams r one of d weapons…they r nt for student to test their knowledge….they r weapons for the those teachers who Himself is nt able to control his/her class..
    ‘He’ uses it for showing the student that I can make u pay for ur less attention in class or even to bcame famous as a strict tchers..or smtms even to impres someone.(To impress whom???)

    11. Strong students association
    2 marathi manase aali ki bhandane hi honarach….
    pan tihi itkya khalachya patalila javun politice khelatat tithech khare tar ‘association” yache mahatva sampale….

    it was very interesting hw leader talks b4 election and his behaviour after Election….


  10. Dear Sanyal,
    Great work done…. I have had the same experiences when I was a student (almost 11 yrs back…!!) and was in the same state of mind….
    but now as I represent the other side, most of them have changed, not in a single day but over the experience….

    When you get the bogies with each having a different wheel diameter its very worst situation to be an Engine….!!


    1. very true… when you got the power and opportunity to change system u did it. (i know u hav tried it, whn i was in 11-12th.)
      bt i dont know what has gone wrong 😦 n i missed that joshi sir in my 4 yr cource n will love to see the old one back.


      1. During ur 8th sem I announced about the workshop that was being organized at “Nagar Wachanalay” you knew the response…… 3/ 51…..!!!!

        10 yrs back(when I was new to this profession..) it wud hv heart me a lot….. but this time not a single feeling….!!

        This is experience……..!!!


      2. 10 years back me, omkar, swapnil etc was not there;
        sir, things are changing now! web is bringing things very close at your time u were only geek in ratnagiri, today boys are wasting time n talent after knowing things. u can exploit that, see the works in annual events.

        every year from 50 students obviously there will be 5-10 tallented ppls u should look at them. coz if every talented mind like u sit quiet remaindering some bitter memories things can never change.

        bytway in workshop only 4-5 ppl (including me ofcourse 🙂 )were really understanding what was going tr, for rest of all it was first day show.

        i think in last week a workshop was tr in college on linux, now if there is no background of open source, linux in students mind how can they understand what is going on!!!
        i m sure that very few staff members have attended it, coz they r also not interested n thats what problem is, if source is contaminated how can we expect pristine knowledge?
        linux is not childs play, u know once linus trvalds said “linux is very user friendly only problem is its nilux who decide who will be its friend ”

        now see for TE opensource lab is tr, but who is teacher incharge??? OMG i cannot…………….no worlds.

        i know she cannot do it bt here ur guiance can be really helpful for both students n mam.

        so plz sir students need u, plz dont waste ur knowledge n talent.


      3. Thanks Sanyal for keeping that hope alive…… But when the things start to go in wrong way with no control they always end up with a worst situation…… I’m a reserved kind of person but not always…. (and was never before…)

        Few experiences I gone through, which I’ll not dare to mention here, were so horrible and affected even my personal life…..I was forced to change myself…….


      4. well that`s fine then, system has changed u. that means ur come back is assured.
        “a real warrior never quiets n for a geek it`s impossible”
        n ur reputation follows you, may be you should work indirectly then.
        i just have one question are you happy wt ur current status n situation,
        see the image n give your reply:

        plz mail me your response at


      5. Dear Sanyal…This year I’ve changed something at FE level…All assignments were given at the start of semester… Similarly a detailed plan regarding hw to conduct the practicals and how the assignments should get completed was prepared and all FE teachers are forced to follow it….

        Students are required to complete the programs and should complete the journal during practical turn itself….
        few advantages of that..
        1. Students hv no chance to copy the assignments from others
        2. It will develop “Do it yourself” attitude within students.
        3. Students will expect the same from other teachers in higher semester also putting the pressure on the teachers.
        4. The students performance during practical exams will certainly improve.


      6. Students also know, well in advance, which assignment is to be completed in next practical so they are always required to complete the necessary revision as home-work..

        See, I also have so many plans in my mind but lot depends on “support from management” and “response from students”……!!!


      7. and well about helping the junior staff members….:) Nothing to say much about that….!!! If higher authorities say “Everyone should mind their own business”… nothing I can do…..!


      8. thanks a lot sir, that will surely change students attitude, the measures u r implementing are a really impressive.
        it will also save tr time n hopefully they will feel their responsibilities.
        make it tight, let them feel the pressure… 😛
        abt junior staff members, i hav collected the info. from other sources abt the chaos going around, i was thinking the same. the FAMT higher mgmt need a new vision, since the management is not ready to take risk then how system is going to progress!!! besides they all have reactive strategies never proactive (indian std poor mgmt 😀 ).

        i wl recommend one more thing to u specially, lot of TE student till don’t know who is joshi sir!!!
        these TE boys-girls are brilliant but dont know whom to follow, they are really to follow anyone blindly. so i think you should arrange a workshop kind of thing for them it will be really helpful i think they r having ssos related subject in this sem.

        besides i m planning to create one blog for helping ITions where teachers, Senior working in IT firm etc can contribute tr experiences n suggesions. i wl let u know abt it.

        but anyways i m glad that our point of view abt u was wrong…


      9. dear Sanyal,
        you are talking about TE students this year.. but I saw TE students every year.since I joined FAMT….!!! I suggested to have a seminar @ the beginning of semester 6 regrading the latest technological trends, create the awareness and guide them regarding the final year projects…. @ the end of semester students will finalize the project topics. During the vacation between semester 6 and 7, they can complete the “requirement analysis” and they can start the actual working as soon as sem 7 starts….

        few advantages of that…
        1. for all – it will save the time towards the end of final year semesters, when the viva/demo are scheduled just few days before the theory exams, this time can be utilized for exam preparations.

        2. for those who want to participate in competitions – typically those are held near around middle of sem 8 ( including brainwaves). If the project work is started from semester 6, the time the students waste at starting of sem 7 in searching the subject(this year 1 group is still searching for a topic..!!)would be converted to actual work..n the same projects can be used for competitions…

        This is what I proposed when I joined FAMT… but still no one is serious about it..!!

        I hope through your blog..(Hoping more number of visitors from FAMT..!!)I can convey my ideas to the ITians very effectively…thanks…


      10. LoL… 😀 u r right sir u see TE students each year but what is more important is that d TE students should know a geek exist in FAMT for troubleshooting n guidance.

        your view is perfect, series of seminars is important in 6th sem. but this is not happening… right!!! n will not happen in future too…
        i had tried in my class this but neither ITSA nor my classmates supported me.
        thats why its important to have blogs, we are doing it for only those who want to move ahead.

        besides your blog i.e. persons like you who want and thing for better of students should have a collective blog to share thoughts.

        thing is that till management n teacher make compulsion to students nothing is gonna happen coz any normal human being seeks simple path n thats killing in IT.

        i hav asked jadhav sir to make compulsion to students for making project reports in latex, coz being open source n well structured, latex works n resume has huge demand. even HR thinks over a resume compiled in latex.


  11. Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men — the other 999 follow women.
    I know i am one of 999….
    but like its clear no one has take lead to change things like you said to do it right.
    } there’s no exceptions …… because some of them are thinking they have (taken the lead) but if you want the real response of your work then don’t ask your coworkers, they never give you “the truth”
    I know you “tried” a lot to change the things but you forgot one basic thing great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.

    By the way keep it up Sanyal….. really nice work……
    we will try our best from now on so that next time you can write “We can change this….. & we have” instead of “can we change this?” Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. 🙂 finally ur talking something positive! i m really glad.
      as per ur first line, i am aware of that fact and that`s why i expect girls involvement in this all activity, they can really contribute significantly.
      u r right perseverance is required n that is why i m talking for change n not revolution.
      oh n surely on some day i will write post on, ‘yes we have changed this…’ it will take time bt that day will surely arise.


  12. that was a huge post Sanyal, really.. it wasnt boring though.. Every new point was interesting. Rather it was interesting for me because am too one of those… sailing in the same ship !

    Changes are absolutely needed. I, being a humble wanna be programmer, would love to see some changes like these. I know am not the only one who thinks the same.

    Outdated Syllabus:

    you’ve covered it very well. that was about theory part. but practicals ? even the feeling of entering cp lab makes me feel nervous. reasons ?

    1] FOR GODS SAKE I DONT WANT TO USE TURBO C ANY MORE. It was last used by industry in ? 1998 ? What world we are living in? There’s GCC now! conio.h was declared obsolete ages ago,yet, even teachers dont encourage students to use system(“clear”); instead of clrscr();

    2] I’ve seen your IT Engg students doing projects in VB6. VB6 ? are you kidding me ? vb2010 is about to release and students are still using that … vb6? These students have any idea that vb6 programmers arent even considered as programmer ? Why teachers never tell students about that ? Why they dont encourage to use latest technologies ?

    that leads me to think a bit off-the-track.

    I think I know the answer. yes, I’ve got it. It is because practicals dont count. Its only for 25marks nah… theory papers weight 100 marks! 4 times greater!! Who gives a damn about pracs then ? Learnt from experience, those who cant do theory well are noobs.
    Your marks in practical exam depend very much on your performance in theory paper.
    External examiners dont even look at written code. and our own teachers say nothing about that ? If it wasnt like that, even after writing completely-working+tested-OK-code in paper[heck, I even write comments when writing code on hard paper], what I got in practicals ? 13/25 ? why? because I sucked at theory ? and how that external knows I suck in theory? Because he asks question on theories even during vivas of practical exam. During vivas of practical exam of web-technology why he never asked what is web 2.0? we had javascript in syllabus but why he never asked what is AJAX? for operating systems why they never asked how to secure your Linux desktop ? This is endless..

    This is not a rant, nor its jealousy but that was surely disturbing. Doesnt that mean our skills are never noticed? I cant do theories damnit but for what I can do, with respect to syllabus, I deserve some appreciation there. By appreciation, I meant marks that I deserve. I even have heard this as an answer: “no re. If you get good marks in pracs but not in theory then authorities ask about that, hence we must give marks relative to your performance in theories”.

    My question is, WHY ?

    Suggestion I’d put forward is, Make it 50-50.I never underestimate theories but practical knowledge is also important. and we hardly get that.

    MCA and IT.Engg are like siblings. Have you ever heard your programming language teacher to tell you about reading a book “Code Complete” ? Were you ever told to use a proper naming convention when writing code ? using ‘i’ as a loop varible is a very common practice but its a BAD practice in real world, were you taught that ?
    For example, I’ve an array of some structure where I’m storing students data. While iterating through array elements using ‘id’ as a loop varible name makes sense than using ‘i’. I never heard that from anyone. [I’m pretty much aware that there is one new teacher who does guide about this, he has joined this year only].
    We get lots of useless knowledge. and ‘Gods of Theories’ love that.
    Lets face it. make it 50-50 weightage and then see the difference.

    oh btw, we do have a chance to use our practical knowledge in college events right ?
    I’m talking about annual events, Brainwaves that am more concerned to, but I feel like College Management is seriously reluctant towards these events :\ I dont want to say much about that. In fact, everyone who actively participate in management of these events already know that.

    comment has grown nearly to the length of new post, but that wasn’t all. There are MANY more things…


    – Omie


  13. Dear Sanyal,
    Now here I am with my opinions on all 13 points…..!!!

    1. How stuff works :- though the initiative is required from the teacher its a minimum expectation from every student to make the teacher feel that,” ya,… i would like to know this….” The high school teachers have a big role to play here… because at professional education level its too difficult…. I still remember my teachers like shri.Kale sir, shri. Parit sir..

    2. Books on technical subjects are to explain the philosophy of the subject. The practical sessions are more important to relate the philosophy with the real-time technology. I’ll never say that the books are outdated. I possess all the books I used when I was the student. More than that I still possess 5-6 note books having the notes I prepared during TE and BE.

    3. This will certainly help for those who have better understanding, say 20% of the students… but what about remaining 80%…If teacher runs after only good students he/she has to pay the consequences of that…!

    4. syllabus of a technical course is always a topic of debate. I proposed 3 + 2 scheme for that.. 3 years for fundamental Engineering where the syllabus will revise after every 3 years.. and 2 years for advanced engineering where the syllabus will change every year… This 2 year syllabus will be designed by a group of industry professionals..

    5. well the best idea to convert all students in the “Team of Doers” is to have different assignments for every students and to provide some slots in the official time table to complete the assignments. This will force the teachers to provide the assignments timely.

    6. preliminary tests can not be optional. If it is so, it will be like Parthiv Patel debuting in the International cricket.( Now he is seen Sometimes in Ranji league or 20-20…!!!). Thinking positively, it will help every individual to test what are weak topics and what preparation is required for the final…

    7. The traditional Exam system has to be changed, thats for sure…!!!! I propose 3 levels of exam first to test the fundamentals, second to test the reasoning abilities and third to test the real-time technical skills. The third level can be outsourced to the industries…(Definitely University is not in any position to handle that…!!!)

    8. Infrastructure… now if management cant handle the rapid changes in the technology…. better they reduce to fees and make it compulsory for the students to have their own laptops…!!! Then management needs to provide only power and n/w facilities.. This will solve the problem of PC maintainance as the students are bound to get the knowledge about that also…(This will the work load for the lab incharge……oh thanks, his job remains secured…!!!)

    9. I heard something called as training and placement department…!!!!

    10. Open source – completely agree with you…

    11. I made a suggestion to higher authorities to put some criteria regarding the candidature…( Some thing like आचार संहिता…!!) Hope from next year it will be implemented…!

    12. I think brainwaves and Utopia should be two separate events, otherwise that 20-80 split-up is bound to happen….

    13. Our college is having a soft skill lab.. do you know this…??!!( गेल्या पाच वर्षात मला ती शोधून सुद्धा सापडली नाही….!!!)


    1. thank you very much for expressing your detailed view here, i was looking citation from some eminent person like you. i truly appreciate it. and i really think now u should have your own blog sharing your ideas.

      sir i am also working on primary level also i m in contact wt the principle n teachers of sm high schools n teachers including my mother. i need more time n study, bt after looking NCERT books i think our books really sucks here.

      i agree wt your 2nd point n 9-12 points. specially your 3+2 pattern is 100% perfect, i agree. n exam system also.

      n sm issues are,

      the 80% student come to college for attendance only n they alwas prepare in PLs
      n u r true cant expect all to understand it. bt we need to do something here…..

      i m not talking to make it compulsory optional wt i mean to say the papers should be set so that student will be able to write something to test himself. for that some 2-3 days should be given to revise things. strict moderation should be tr during exams, followed by good checking thats all.

      “training and placement department” is really for just name in our college.
      it is as useless as CAD s/w for me 🙂
      u know i have published the notice of windows7 code7 contest
      taking primt from my printer on notice board after getting my LC from college. n till then nobody was aware of any such event.
      for imagine cup i was only n fist contest representing FAMT infact i have registered FAMT in the list of microsoft college.

      regarding election here r my suggesions.

      आचार संहिता is not going to work.
      well i wl create a post for this n post the link 2 u.


    2. we can have a policy for 3+2 course as 3 year fundamental engineering skills. including all basics of respective field. followed by 2 year where if boy wish to PG in management then 2 yr course will have less practical work n more management subjects. for all core engineers, more practical work n jargon stuff n less management work.

      this is kind of same pattern followed by NMIMS college, mumbai.


      1. I can definitely hv my blog…. more than that I can use the web space from college website.. I’ve already posted CP-II(JAVA) notes in last semester….
        AS long as it is concerned with academics directly, no one can stop me….!!

        But the problem is when one starts doing that, others feel the pressure that they will be also forced to follow that.. I dont know in what manner it hurts their ego, and they start to find the drawbacks of the invention….!! I was forced to remove the CP-II notes buy some higher authority with a reason that the students from other divisions (i.e. those having some another teacher) will start bunking the lectures. Similarly students from other college will start using it…!!

        Now the fact is, I just said “yes sir” that time and the notes are still there on college website…!!!


      2. The was one side of the battle…. now the other..
        I provided the link to the notes to all FE students… and just had a review after 4-5 weeks and found that only few students from div A and B had downloaded that..!!


      3. WTF… again conservativeness rocks!!!
        शिक्षण शेत्रातील अशा मूर्ख, आळशी आणि स्वार्थी लोकांमुळे आपली वाट लागत आहे.
        तुम्ही त्यात नाही याचा मला अभिमान आणि आनंद आहे.


      4. मी पण तुमच्या नोट्स डाउनलोड केल्या होत्या. मला जावाची allergy असूनही त्या मला समजल्या होत्या.


      5. freedom (blog) Vs ego is the problem, that is why i recommend to have collective blog than separate blogs. so any one want to write can do it, simple no one is forced to do it neither restricted to do it.



        This is a link for CP-II practical examinations list. It has total 36 programs and the list was provided to the FE students 12 days before the practical exam & were told that they will get one from that at the time of exam…. This was implemented in first half 2009(I.e. during last semester)

        I was blamed as an ‘unethical’ for that…. reason – I disclosed the questions…..!!!!

        now actually the fact is I collected all possible questions from theory exams point of view and the intention was to motivate the students….I thought,”I will not provide you anything” would have drifted the students away from studies.


  14. Anarchy of mumbai university..मधला syllabus चा मुद्दा बरोबर आहे..कोणीतरी mechanical cha माणूस IT चा syllabus ठरवताना लुडबुड करतो..हा गाढवपणा आहे..नविन syllabus बरा आहे .पण java ani c++ ekach year ला टाकायची गरज नव्हती…आणि मूर्खासारखे data structure in C kadhun टाकले..6th sem ला OS.चा syllabus चांगला आहे..linux must be made compulsary and that is what is done that is good…but for linux strong knowledge of C and data structure is very much important…आणि IT च्या syllabus मधे तेच नाहीये..


  15. i have many opinions..but cannot tell here in public…but article is very good…we cannot change the system immediately.. “THAT WAY IT IS”…we can change ourselves..and u are doing that..thats it in this way if u follow stars in aim of achieving it..U may not end with star in hand but your journey will not end with handful of mud either..all the best


    1. thank you very much for the reply 🙂
      😀 dont worry स्वताला बिनधास्त express kar ब्लॉग या साठीच बनवला आहे.
      n change is always slow process that’s why i m using word change n not revolution.


  16. हा blog फक्त आपली student community वाचेल असे नाही..आपण कितीही बरोबर असलो तरी काही वेळा गप्प बसावे लागते.म्हणून मी जास्त काही लिहिले नाही…जर ” तुम्ही web site PHP मधून का करत आहात…? ” हा प्रश्न वरुन येत असेल तर internet आणि नविन technology बद्दल ची आस्था लक्षात येतेच ना आपल्या…इतकी मोठी सोय झाली आहे internet मुळे पण त्याचे महत्त्व वरच्याना नसेल वाटत तर त्यांची इच्छा अशीच दिसते की आपल्या पीढीच्या हातात तलवार द्यायची आणि त्याने आपल्याला भेंडी कापायला सांगायची जे काम सुरीने सुद्धा होऊ शकते..
    तुला,मला माहित आहे की जर आपण open source ,good use of internet for academics ह्या नविन गोष्टी नाही स्विकारल्या..तर आपण computer च्या अश्मयुगात असू…असो काही गोष्टी आपण चुकवतो काही समोरचा…. it is like game of captcha..आणि distribution of authority is a must everywhere..आणि खुप महत्त्वाचे म्हणजे केलेल्या कामाची कदर सुद्धा केली गेली पाहिजे ना..!!! पगार दिला जातो शिकवण्याचा हे ठीक आहे पण कौतुक नको का कामाचे..? त्याने कामाला जोम येतो, काहीतरी नविन नविन करावेसे वाटते…माझा voice recognition project वेळेवर का पूर्ण झाला..? कारण माझे गाइड जोशी सर …त्यानी मला कायम encourage केले..मला कसलेही compulsion नाही केले..he gave me freedom i needed…जर काहीही talent नसणारा माझ्या सारखा student केवळ guide च्या encouragement,appreciation मुळे project वेळेत पूर्ण करू शकतो तर मग अनुभवी,आणि हुशार faculty members ना जर वरच्या लोकांकडून थोड़े कौतुकाचे शब्द मिळाले तर ती लोक किती मनापासून धडपड़तील..? किती बरे वाटेल..? सगळ्या ठिकाणी हे होते का education system मधे..? कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते….हे job मधे नाही चालत…
    आणि 1st year जेव्हा मुलांनी पहिल्यांदा programming ला हात घातलेला असतो तेव्हा त्याना त्यात interest निर्माण होण्यासाठी प्रत्येकाला १ PC दिला गेलाच पाहिजे..होते काय की 1st yearch आहे ना…दया त्याना old cp lab..हा चुकीचा विचार करणे आम्ही (higher management) कधी सोडणार..? मी F division la CP1 शिकवले..that was the division started 1 month third batch was of ३५, old cp lab मधे एका वेळी जास्तीत जास्त १५ PC चालू असायचे..१-२ तर मीच चालू करायचो screw driver ne cabinet उघडून..एकटे पेजे सर किती पाहणार.?
    आणि त्या भट्टी मधे students उकाड्याने हैराण व्हायचे.ते कसे concentrate करणार programming वर? मग ते आळस करतात अणि हीच mentality पुढे राहते…1st year la separate lab गरजेची आहे तिथे ventilation पाहिजे आणि ही चैन नाहीये..प्रत्येक profession ची एक गरज असते आणि programming साठी तुम्ही अस्वस्थ असून नाही चालत इथे ही युक्तिवाद चुकीचा आहे की workshop मधे fan nasale tari चालतात तिथे गरज सुद्धा नसते मग CP lab मधेच बुड गार करायची सोय कशासाठी..? असो.. .आणि महत्त्वाचे म्हणजे त्यात internet ची सोय असली पाहिजे म्हणजे 1st sem पासून त्याना internet वर help साठी browsing करायची सवय लागेल..मग पुढे त्याना engineering chi सवय झाली की they can do their own..आता हयात लक्ष कोण घालणार..? only higher management can do this..मी जाधव सर ना खुपदा बोललो होतो PC कमी पडत आहेत old CP lab ला पण ते तरी काय करणार..? काही गोष्टी आपल्या हातात नसतात.आणि ज्यांच्या असतात त्याना त्याची किंमत नसते किंवा त्याचे महत्त्व नसते..असो


    1. thanks for your reply,
      घाबराचे काहीच कारण नाही कारण हा ब्लॉग मझा आहे आणि मी कोणीच नाही आहे. एथे मांडलेले मत हे तुमचे स्वाताचे आहे आणि त्याचे तुमचा जॉबशी काही देणे घेणे नाही. आता बघा शशी थरूर म्हणाले “कॅटल क्लास” तर त्यावर आपले आदरणीय पंतप्रधान म्हणाले, मीडिया अनावशक गोष्टीला महत्वा देत आहे. ते त्यांचे वैयक्तिक मत आहे. कॉंग्रेस चे त्याचशी काही देणे घेणे नाही.

      आणि आपण जगातील एका अतिशय मजबूत लोकशाही असलेल्या देशाचे नागरिक आहोत जिथे आपल्याला आपल्या सविधानाणे प्रादन केलेल्या हक्कांची पण माहिती नाही. आज आपली भीती हे त्यांचे सर्वात मोठे शास्त्र बनले आहे.
      पण आत्ता लिहिलेल्या रिप्लाइ मधे तुम्ही तुमचे मनोगत व्यक्त केले आहे. ते याथायोग्या आहे. त्याशिवाय आपले व्यवस्थापकीय मंडळ फार मंद आहे. त्याना मझा ब्लॉग शोधण्यात आणि तो वाचण्यात काही आवड नाही.

      मला तलवार आणि भेंडी ची संकल्पना आवडली.


  17. Its a great work by Sanyal and wot makes it even better is the expertise comments from the respective. I completed my engineering dis year itself (2009) and i’m workin in a software testing firm. Its sad to say that whatever i learned in the last four years, academic point of view, is nothing but a ‘quality waste of time’. This sentence is cynical but it is not meant to discourage the present to-be engineers.

    The real time scenario is completely different. How is it different will be drafted by me soon. Till then Sanyal and others keep up the good work.


  18. The truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts forever….. or someone can say———–
    The truth may walk around “naked” but the lie has to be clothed…….
    all this “quotes” for respected Dattatraya Sir…& to his favourite “quote” ‘i have many opinions..but cannot tell here in public…’ Somethings need to be done in right time otherwise it won’t have meaning afterwards…..
    But i like they (Mandar Joshi Sir & Dattatray Sir) are sharing some of their thoughts unlike most of the “qualified” staff!!!!!!!!!!
    & Sanyal don’t disclose my real name (except Dattatray Sir exclusively). Not because i care about my marks; you know i don’t give a damn about it…..But i don’t want “kt” especially when ……..


  19. third year chya काही लोकानी एका सरां बद्दल तक्रारी केल्या होत्या..त्याची काय परिणिति झाली..? सर सोडून गेले…WTF u know about him..?
    मी (आमची batch ) त्यांचा FAMT मधला पहिला student आहे…तुमचा त्यांच्या teaching वर आक्षेप होता..तुम्हाला खरच असे वाटते की तुम्ही १००% बरोबर आहात ..? तुम्ही तक्रार करताना हा विचार केला पाहिजे की समोरच्याचा ही काही प्रॉब्लम असू शकतो..आणि P.L. मधे तुम्ही study करणार होतात ना..? मग इतकी का खुजली होती 3rd year students ना..? मी मधे आलो होतो lab मधे ..तेव्हा पाटिल सर graphics च्या practical ला..array मधे elelents कसे घेतात हे board वर काढून समजावत होते..मला सांगा c++,java, data structures in java,DBMS इतक्या subjects मधे programming केलेल्या students array elements scan कसे करायचे हे सांगायची वेळ का येते..? ह्याचा अर्थ तुम्हीही कुठेतरी कमी आहातच ना..?
    मग स्वताला सुधारायचा प्रयत्न करायचे सोडून लोकांच्या मागे हात धुवून का लगता..ही immaturity आपण कधी सोडणार..? हे म्हणजे स्वताचे “ढुंगण गुबगुबित ठेवायचे अणि लोकांच्या ढुंगणावर लाथा मारायला मात्र आपण तयार ..” i am not pointing towards anyone specifically..
    नेहमी सर ना का दोष दिला जातो..? किती लोकानी java च्या notes download करुन घेतल्या..? तुम्हाला मदत देऊ केली कोणी तर त्याचा फायदा करुन घ्यायला काय हात मोडतात..? जोशी sir ना उद्योग नव्हता म्हणून त्यानी नोट्स तयार करुन upload केल्या.?
    आम्हालाही सगळे चांगले sir मिळाले असे नाही..पण आम्ही कुणाच्या career ची वाट नाही लावली..समोरच्या वर विश्वास टाकायला तुम्ही कधी शिकणार..? ह्या नवी syllabus च्या batch चा मोठा problem हाच आहे की 1 st year पासून practical exam आणि viva आल्याने 1 st class मिळणे सोपे झाले आहे..hard work चे कौतुक आहेच..मला हा अभिमान आहे की आत्ताची 3 rd ची batch is THE BEST. with respect to result .पण त्या यशाने 3rd year वाले माजले आहेत..(i am making this statement as a senior not as an ex-faculty of dept.IT)..1 thing माज म्हणजे गर्व नव्हे..मराठी लोकाना ह्याच्या मधला फरक नक्की माहित असेल…नसला तर मला मेल करुन विचार
    maths च्या submission ला madam च्या समोर file टाकुन देऊन निघून जाण्यात कोणता पुरुषार्थ आहे..? IIT pass out lecturer ची तुम्ही किंमत करत नसाल तर अशी अपेक्षा का तुमची की तुम्हाला काही महत्त्व दिले जावे..? 3 rd year मधे बरेच स्वताला भाई समजतात..आणि स्वताचे group करुन भाईगिरीमधे धन्यता मानतात it correct..? this all i am talking as a student of FAMT IT and senior of these batches..1 thing मी फार मोठा नाहीये..१९८६ is my birth जितके तुम्ही सैतान आहात तितकाच मी सुद्धा आहे.
    3 rd year has very big potential of making FAMT IT as famous as WALCHAND MECH..पण त्यासाठी इगो बाजूला ठेवावे लागतील..सरांच्या behavior बद्दल criticism करण्यापेक्षा स्वताला सुधारा..किती लोकानी (घरात PC असलेल्या ) LINUX install केले ..? एक लक्षात ठेवा ४ लाथा मारण्याची औकात येण्यासाठी १० लाथा खाण्याची तयारी लागते.तुमची आहे..? सर थोड़े चुकले की तुम्ही HOD कड़े तक्रार करणार..जरा सहन करा की.. राग ही प्रचंड शक्ति आहे..जमा करुन ठेवा अणि ती पेपरमधे वापर..तुम्ही नशीबवान आहात जोशी सर,जाधव सर आहेत ,प्राची madam,प्रिया madam हे माझे seniors तुम्हाला आहेत..त्यांचा फायदा करुन घ्या…
    आणि सन्याल ला काय म्हणायचे आहे ते जरा नीटपणे समजून घ्या…चर्चेचा फायदा होऊ दे..नाहीतर नुसती चर्चेची गुऱ्हाळे चालवून काही फायदा नाहीये..नाहीतर अवस्था अशी होईल की ” उघड्या बरोबर नागडा गेला आणि थंडीत कुडकुडून मेला ”
    असे होऊदे नको..सन्याल ने खूप अपेक्षेने हा blog लिहिला आहे..विचार समजून घ्या..जोशी सर काय लिहितात ते समजून घ्या मी त्यंचा student ahe..i know what vision he posses..माझ्या गावठी भाषेचा अर्थ समजून घ्या शब्दावर जावू नका…
    कारण माझे तत्त्वज्ञान असे आहे ..”नागड्या अनुभवाला शब्दांचे कपडे गरजेचे नसतात”


    1. wow… that was really hhoott !!! i should have censored it, lets give this one U/A certificate! 🙂
      thanks for understanding me n appreciating the effords.
      i dont need to say anything abt it coz its absolutly true n based on facts n incidences took place in college.
      @ TE students reff.
      any student reading this post please keep your head cool, he (dattatray sir) is expressing his feelings here, it is directed to sm stupid n flustered students of respective class. take it positively, n remember ego really kills. so modify, update, upgrade your self coz FAMT IT has some bestest faculty members in entire mumbai university, i have tested it. take advice n advantage of them in good manner. so be patient discuss with seniors (good one) n take decisions.


    2. oh God….!!!
      Thats like a “sehwag” inning by Dattatray…. I was bothering much to use that kind of language.. but finally he did it and in a fantastic style…!!!!

      Moral of that post :- ” Students have to improve their soft skills…. Soft skills are all about your overall behavior and personality, its not only the communication skill”

      Prof. R. G. Sapre from Gogate-Jogalekar college used to tell to his students – “तुम्ही १००० प्रोगँम्स पूर्ण केलेत याचा अर्थ १००१ वा प्रोग्रॅम बरोबरच असेल असे नाही… फक्त तो बरोबर असण्याची शक्यता आहे …”

      ON the same basis those who have entered TE should not think than we know everything from FE and SE…. but again as many are interested in passing the exams only….then what mr. Patil would do except teaching the students hw to traverse the array…


  20. to ” rabrocks a.k.a. mich@3l scofi3ld e=mC^2 ” i dont know who are u..i wont ask it to sanyal..but thanks for statement

    “But i like they (Mandar Joshi Sir & Dattatray Sir) are sharing some of their thoughts unlike most of the “qualified” staff!!!!!!!!!!”

    please dont put joshi sir and me together..he is toooo great than me..i dont deserve to be any one of these people..i am very small student of them…


  21. First of all thanks for pointing out our mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!
    maths च्या submission ला madam च्या समोर file टाकुन देऊन निघून जाण्यात कोणता “पुरुषार्थ” आहे..? IIT pass out lecturer ची तुम्ही किंमत करत नसाल??????????? तर अशी अपेक्षा का तुमची की तुम्हाला काही महत्त्व दिले जावे..???????? 3 rd year मधे बरेच???? स्वताला भाई समजतात..आणि स्वताचे group???? करुन भाईगिरीमधे धन्यता मानतात it correct..?

    Hope you have identified me >>>>>>> I also have cursed that day when…… but that doesn’t mean
    “आम्हालाही सगळे चांगले sir मिळाले असे नाही..पण आम्ही कुणाच्या career ची वाट नाही लावली..समोरच्या वर विश्वास टाकायला तुम्ही कधी शिकणार..? ह्या नवी syllabus च्या batch चा मोठा problem हाच आहे की 1 st year पासून practical exam आणि viva आल्याने 1 st class मिळणे सोपे झाले आहे..hard work चे कौतुक आहेच..मला हा अभिमान आहे की आत्ताची 3 rd ची batch is THE BEST. with respect to result .पण त्या यशाने 3rd year वाले माजले आहेत..
    Its not like that…We all know these marks are like mirage. but 3rd year is not at all hoping for neu. They perfectly know the difference between “mirage” & “oasis”
    & sir you are “maybe” failed to remember one thing….. “”One can’t clap with only one hand””…

    & to Mandar Joshi Sir
    तुम्ही १००० प्रोगँम्स पूर्ण केलेत याचा अर्थ १००१ वा प्रोग्रॅम बरोबरच असेल असे नाही… फक्त तो बरोबर असण्याची शक्यता आहे … but there’s a glitch Sit has forget to tell or may be mention “If you have done it all by yourself” (without the help of ctrl+c &…) for this Sapre Sir used to do some action which we cannot write


    1. “One can’t clap with only one hand”
      एका हाताने टाळी वाजत नाही!

      exactly n very true, if the respective teachers fail to make impression on students during lectures how can they influence students? we all know FAMT crowd.
      THIS IS EXACTLY I AM TRYING TO POINT OUT FROM BEGINNING. n now i should talk directly. i never wanted to take anyone`s name but now things are getting really nasty.

      i dont want to narrator another rather many historical event happen with TE or rather that times SE students, for sure there was communication barrier in teacher n students followed by ego from both sides and मॅनेज्मेंटतर चादर टाकून झोपली होती. आणि 8th sem cha प्रसंग झाल्यानंतरही management म्हणते तुमचेच चुकले, आमचा माणूस हुशार होता.
      हो तो हुशारच होता म्हणून तर पोरांची टेरमवर्क मधे मारल्यावर जॉब सोडून पळाला!!!
      गेल्या ४ वर्षांमधे त्या सब्जेक्ट चा syllabus complete नाही झाला आणि without strategy होणार पण नाही. अरे मी विसरलोच मुंबई विद्यापीठात stratergy ने काम करणे ही तर दुसरी घोडचुक !!! गपचुप पाठांतर करा आणि पास व्हा ! WTF!!!
      आणि एक गंम्मत! लोकशाही चा नवावर मॅनेज्मेंट एक “Feedback” भरून घेत. आणि मज्जा म्हणजे at the end of the day ते फॉर्म संबंधित शिक्षकाच्या समोर ठेवले जातात….where as they are supposed to be confidential documents.


    2. I know that action… and sorry to say that it justifies the standard of ^c -> ^v people….!
      while repeating his statement all such people were excluded…coz i dnt think that any one from “that” category would be reading this blog…..!

      moral was – “अर्ध्या हळकुंडाने पिवळे होऊ नका…… पूर्ण हळकुंडाचे पिवळेपण अनुभवण्यासाठी अजून मेहनत घ्या….”

      All the best and I will be always happy to help all those who are sincere and putting their 100% efforts… but for that one should approach to me… This is not an Ego at all, but the Frustration and disappointment causing from both, students and management sides.


  22. to especially Mandar Joshi Sir because of his true efforts to “We can change this!!!”

    It’s easy to fight when everything’s right,
    And you’re mad with the thrill and the glory;
    It’s easy to cheer when victory’s near,
    And wallow in fields that are gory.
    It’s a different song when everything’s wrong.
    When you’re feeling infernally mortal;
    When it’s ten against one, and hope there is none,
    Buck up, little soldier, and chortle:

    Carry on! Carry on!
    There isn’t much punch in your blow.
    You’re glaring and staring and hitting out blind;
    You’re muddy and bloody, but never mind.
    Carry on! Carry on!
    You haven’t the ghost of a show.
    It’s looking like death, but while you’ve a breath,
    Carry on, my son! Carry on!

    And so in the strife of the battle of life
    It’s easy to fight when you’re winning;
    It’s easy to slave, and starve and be brave,
    When the dawn of success is beginning.
    But the man who can meet despair and defeat
    With a cheer, there’s a man of God’s choosing;
    The man who can fight to Heaven’s own height
    Is the man who can fight when he’s losing.

    Carry on! Carry on!
    Things never were looming so black.
    But show that you haven’t a cowardly streak,
    And though you’re unlucky you never are weak.
    Carry on! Carry on!
    Brace up for another attack.
    It’s looking like hell, but – you never can tell;
    Carry on, old man! Carry on!

    There are some who drift out in the deserts of doubt,
    And some who in brutishness wallow;
    There are others, I know, who in piety go
    Because of a Heaven to follow.
    But to labor with zest, and to give of your best,
    For the sweetness and joy of the giving;
    To help folks along with a hand and a song;
    Why, there’s the real sunshine of living.

    Carry on! Carry on!
    Fight the good fight and true;
    Believe in you mission, greet life with a cheer;
    There’s big work to do, and that’s why you are here.
    Carry on! Carry on!
    Let the world be the better for you;
    And at last when you die, let this be your cry:
    Carry on, my soul! Carry on!

    Robert W. Service


    1. great…!! well this will change the line “We can do this!!” to “We have to do this!!!”……and further its a continuous process…..!


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