14 facts about Indian education system and a remedy

you can consider this as continuation of the previous post can we change this….

There is an updated version of this article with latest data, please refer it here


Just one out of nine children finishing school joins a college. India has one of the lowest higher education enrollment ratio of 11 per cent. In the US it is 83 per cent.

In 2017 the ratio has improved to 25.2.


To meet its target of increasing enrollment levels to 15 per cent in 2012, the Eleventh Plan estimates that India needs to invest Rs 2,26,410 crore. Yet it has set aside only Rs 77,933 crore-just a fourth of the total needed.


a recent ASSCoM-McKinsey study showed that only one out of Ten Indian students with degrees in humanities and one out of four engineering graduates are employable. So much for India’s boast of having one of the largest technical and scientific manpower reserves in the world.

In 2017, its worsen.

only 3 per cent had suitable skills to be employed in software or product market, and only 7 per cent were able to handle core engineering tasks.


A study by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council showed that 90 per cent of the colleges and 70 per cent of the universities that the council graded were of middling or poor quality.


Shortage of teachers was endemic with even the IITs reporting a 20 to 30 per cent shortfall in faculty.


On an average most Indian universities revise their curricula only once in five to 10 years but even then they get defeated in both letter and spirit.


Over-regulation by the government and a multiplicity of agencies have seen higher education stagnate and corruption become institutionalized.


In 50 years, only 44 private institutions were granted deemed university status by the University Grants Commission. In the last  5 years, it has granted that status to 49 more, leading to charges of impropriety.


The shortage of good institutions has seen cut-off percentages for entry into good colleges soar to genius levels. This year’s qualifying marks for RCom (Hons) course in Delhi’s SRCC was 98.75 per cent.

FACT 10:

Studies show that the number of students committing suicide because of the pressure to perform well in secondary board exams is rising alarmingly.

FACT 11:

Indian students now spend $7 billion to go abroad and study in foreign universities because of the poor quality of education at home. Yet the government drags  it feet over permitting foreign universities to set up shop in India. Where in same cost we can successfully implement and run around 10 more IITs.

FACT 12:

The quality of school education hasn’t improved. A recent study found that in rural north India on an average day, there is no teaching activity in about half” of the primary schools

FACT 13:

The US currently accounts for over a third of the entire world’s output of articles in science and engineering. India, in contrast, accounts for less than 3 per cent of research papers published and in terms of citations barely 1 per cent.

FACT 14 :

Almost half of the country’s population is below 25 years. Almost 10 per cent of them or 12 crore are between the ages of 18 and 23. If they are equipped with both knowledge and skills, they could drive India’s entrepreneurial and Competitive spirit and make it into global power.

Why Bother?

Brilliant! It’s good to know what exactly India is missing out on because of all this apathy and sloth. Over a decade ago management guru Peter Drucker had declared: “The Knowledge Society will become far more competitive than any society we have yet known… there will be no poor countries, there will only be ignorant countries… thus the competitive position of every country, industry, institution . and individual will depend on the ability to harness and capitalize on knowledge.”

Now consider following graphic;

click on image to see it clearly.

what government is doing for it,

on February 28 2008 a committee under the chairmanship os noted scientist, prof. Yashpal was set by HRD ministry to suggest ways to bring about considerable changes in higher education in India.

committee submitted its report on march 1 2009. it is available at this link.


  • Setting up a National Commission for Higher Education & Research (NCHER) as a super-regulator replacing all UGC, AICTE n all.
  • developing IITs and IIMs as world-class universities,
  • a common GRE-type entrance exam for admission to universities
  • inviting the top 200 universities from abroad to set up shop in India
  • few suggestions to improve the working of universities.

are some of the key highlights of the final recommendations of the Yashpal committee on higher education.

Some more text direct copy paste from the report:-

For students

…..Currently, many students passing out from institutions of higher   education do so without obtaining the kind of skills they really need to work in a real-world environment. Among the drawbacks many students face are lack of ability to analyze or solve problems, relate problems to different contexts, communicate clearly and have an integrated understanding of different branches of knowledge…..

…. the student is  asked to face a question paper at the end of the year, or in some  universities, at the end of the semester. This archaic  examination system,…….., unfortunately does not really test the kind of  skills they require to be successful in either the pursuit of pure theoretical knowledge or in practical real world situations…..

(The solution given in report  is the first 2 points in can we change this article….)

….there must be a provision for student assessment of teachers, for the students can provide an experimental assessment of the quality of teaching….

For  teachers…

…..It is also necessary to enhance the quality of teacher education within higher education. At present, Academic Staff Colleges are serving to provide refresher courses required by faculty  to acquire eligibility for promotion…..

…..It should be mandatory for all universities to have a rich undergraduate programme and undergraduate students must get opportunities to interact with the best faculty.….

Well there are lot of more recommendation to reform our education system, I just want to say that, the point which I have mentioned in previous article(some of them) are not just problem of FAMT/ mumbai university but of whole nation and CHANGE is utmost important here.




consider another story…


friends you spend 50000+ as your annual fee for your higher education, it is your right to get it most appropriate manner as it is a commodity n basic need today. unfortunately most of us INDIANS doesn’t even know/care what r our rights and what we deserve, n remain happy in our conservative world.

i just wanted to create some awareness through this 2 article series. i have asked some of teachers for changing there way of teaching n expressing with help of new IT techs.

i didn’t want to hurt anyone as there is nothing personal its all professional.

thanks a lot for your support.


1)me n my friends experience.

2)India today


4)The hindu

5)Report of ‘The Committee to Advise on Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education’ aka yashpal committee report.

42 thoughts on “14 facts about Indian education system and a remedy

  1. Dear Sanyal,
    Again its a very good article based on the deep study of system.I will say on point number thirteen.
    Why Indian students are preferring foreign education?Because stil we are not implementing merit based education.Now we have implemented reservations in IIM and also in IIT’s.
    Don’t think that i am opposing reservation.But the implementation of reservation is really wrong.And mind behind that there is vote polytics.Instead of giving reservations at college level,Government can implement reservations at job level.
    My opinion is for educational field government shud have to provide monetarial expences for econimical backwards.But as we are expecting all these things from government there are some things which we can implement from our side

    The best example is sanskrit shloka:

    क्षणश: कणशश्चैव विद्याम अर्थम् च साधयेत!
    क्षणत्यागे कुतोविद्य कणत्यागे कुतो धनम्!!
    Again meaning is very simple, One should have to devote himself/herself to grasp knowledge without wasting single moment.Same thing in case of money,to earn a lot, like a single moment one should have to concentrate on single pai.
    Second line says
    Wasting a moment results into zero knowledge,
    wasting a pai results into zero earning.
    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says low aim is crime.100% we can change current situations.Sanyal ur blog writing make us think on different issues.And i think to think about these things is a begining of process.Again i appreciate ur thoughts and the time u r giving for doing these things.Its agood inspiration for me and many indian citizens like me.
    Thanking You,
    Prasasd Devasthali


    1. thanks a lot,
      your love towards marathi is outstanding!! one thing i find very difficult in computing is typing in marathi bt u do it very fluently 🙂
      let me tell u, me also come in the reservation category bt every time i have achieved my admission based on my merit n i m also against this politics of vote based on reservation. i m also working on it.
      bt problem is that situation in villages are still not that good n they really need protection and our constitution`s basic value gives precedence to backwards (left thinkers) so all this is unavoidable.
      its different story all together i wl write another post on it 🙂


      1. अरे संन्याल, मराठी टंकलेखन (देवनागरीत) करणं Google दादाने खूपच सोपं केलंय रे…
        (“सोपं केलंय” मधल्या अनुस्वारांकडे लक्ष दिल्यास तुला कळेलच कि किती बारकावे लक्षात घेतले आहेत त्यांनी!!!)


      2. Sanyal I really appreciate your talent!
        तुला reservation ची गरज लागली नाही & लागणारच नाही….
        But plz use your cast certificate even though you dont need it…
        Becoz if you take admission without cast certificate then remember you taking admission from open category…
        & as there is no reservation for Open category students, your “reserved” seat will not be offered for “open” category students…
        So you occupying “Open” seat!!!
        You getting what I wanna say?
        & plz dont take it in wrong way!


      3. 🙂 ya friend i know that this equation is all ready explained to me by my dad,
        in FE i refused to take scholarship from government n didn’t fill d form, thinking that i don’t need it but latter i came to know if i do so, the money goes to ministers pocket on behalf of my name 😀


  2. Dear Sanyal,

    It shows your great interest and deep study for the educational systems.
    Very good job.
    The graph itself says everything….

    n the story is too realistic.

    And exactly what is your interest field???

    I thought you have interest in everything.
    Because I found recently that “Sanyal” is everywhere.
    How do you found time in the hectic schedule in 4 years???


    1. that is what i m trying to say, all i mentioned in previous article, (1,2,3,4,9,10) i have done it with my self. that is why i say it is possible.
      remember for doing something special u just have to believe in yourself.

      if u follow it , soon u wl enjoy ur syllabus nothing is hectic then in fact this word will vanish from ur dictionary like impossible, trust me!!!
      (but do it wt help of proper guidance so that computer will not turn u into a nerd, which is always possible. that is why i expect it from teachers under proper guidance)
      ckeck out the following image, its 4 fun

      overall at end of ur cource u wl be so flexible that u wl be able to fit into any stream i.e let it be graphics, web development, system programming or any language.
      i think that is a perfect ITion

      n i am not a gifted or extraordinary student, i am just another average student, so whatever i have done, u can also do it in fact better than me, just believe in ur self n ur mentors.
      thats all.


      1. Sanyal, dont think that all students are like you…
        Try to tell students that “Do your program your own…
        Dont copy-paste…”
        90% of students wont listen your second stmt…
        You know it!
        Many of students want degree not knowledge…
        You want their names? & from which class? your or mine?


      2. sadly but ya thts true, that`s what im talking all over ” we need CHANGE” n to change mindset of students strong discipline from management is also needed.
        if i tell u my story then u wl be out of ur mind, only my oldest friends know tht.
        im in this world only since last 4 yr. n what makes u 2 think tht my all codes were original???
        remember opensource philosophy: “open source enable us to get our work done without doing any work” just be innovative 😉 i told u im just another normal students.


  3. its really a great research…n i agree with all the points u wrote there in ur(14 facts) article….n the storry, its fun n abt grls its a truth that grls have no intrest in this field…bt u cant blame every grl coz thr r few grls like us having intrest in IT field………
    nyways…..gr8 job…..


  4. “The desire to excel should be exclusive of the fact whether someone appreciates it or not…”

    This is something, not to be taught, but should arrive as an inner instinct…!!


    1. thanks for ur comment sir, i agree wt it,
      bt sometimes we might become so reluctant n afraid that we don’t even think of doing new things…..
      at time a word from some one like u, giving support n saying that as keep it up i m with u…
      this really touches mind of a teenager n really gives encouragement, with that passion a student might achieve new heights…
      i think this is the job of teacher/ guide/ mentor to give direction towards the path of success, the inner instinct of student will surely lead him towards it.
      but due to the correct path a lot of time, patience will be saved. don’t u think so???


      1. Completely agree with you….n thats why the teachers job is more difficult, a proper psychological study is always required….

        Most of the lecturers are in this job by fluke and not by choice… (Might be one of the 3 out of 4…!!!)


  5. you mentioned, “one out of four engineering graduates are employable”..

    But basically how many from remaining deserve to be an Engineer…??

    आकाशात पतितम् तोयम् यथा गच्छति सागरं…. i.e. पावसाचे पाणी शेवटी समुद्राला जाऊन मिळते

    Similarly every student who gets the admission becomes an Engineer….

    If we are expecting 100% employment we need 100% Engineers where again the “Desire to Excel..” comes in picture….!


    1. We have 10 + 2 + 4 pattern of engineering education….

      Ideally it should be 10 + 2 + 3 + 2.. where after 10+2 a three year degree course will cover all basic fundamentals of engineering and remaining 2 for advanced professional training including soft-skills as well……


      1. Ya that should be a lot better. Students will no longer be required to attend the special courses they attend after their engg. and also they will get a lot more exp in the field which is much required at the moment then just mugging up and copying the assignments and journals…


    2. 😀 that is another misery.
      cant help the ignorant peoples (stupid engineers!) they will get their fate.
      i am taking abt creating awareness (show the path to glory)
      one who will follow it will be successful n hence wl be employed.

      abt employment, according to indian planning commission about 20-25 lakhs jobs can be created from education sector alone.
      now this is just a single sector from the ternary sector(service sector) so a lot of opportunities are there to exploit that system must produce quality professionals, overall increase in these sector will improve GDP of country causing development n with development prosperity, awareness comes inherently.


  6. Let me share one of my experience,
    During our project in 7th sem, we decided to build IVRS so we select the tools n all n submitted the topic to HOD. But few days after that we figured out that the system is so new that it is unknown to Indian market. We asked few Indian companies for help including Patni, awaya, MTNL, and few local companies none of them replied. Infact when I called a benglore based company for asking about VOIP the operatior told me “technical department vali madam abhi chai pine gai hai aap thodi der bad call kare” !!!! (I m not kidding)
    Also I called some pune based companies for help he took all my email id n all promised to send info. N never replied latter.
    So nothing was going in our favour n It was my responsibility to collect all info. So I discussed with my team n together we discussed this issue with our guide i.e. priya mam, we told her that nothing is working for us n lot of risk is involved in it we might even not be able to finish it.
    At that time she guided us properly encouraged us and said “don’t worry I trust you, you will surely achieve what you have mentioned in synopsis”
    we start our work from beginning, this time I looked for foreign companies and we hit the bulls eye, in our first mail they replied positively, he was marshall harrison from USA n agreed to show the direction for project. Latter we join his forum and we meet with more of such people and you know during presentation our project was supper hit.
    What I want to say here is people in India (of course not all but many) keep approach of “you must ask the right question, my responses are limited”
    Whereas foreigner peoples(obviously not all but to a large extent) have approach like song “mere sang chal jara kyun dikhe dara dara”….. (i.e. I will show u the path don’t worry, do it yourself if u fall anytime I will be there to restore you. )
    So being skeptic minded, I pursued for the reason behind it and guess what it is tooooo simple,
    These people don’t have let it be tendency; they are extremely modest and liberal people. their psychology is like “what I missed during my time same thing should never happen to my next generation” and this is exactly what philosophy of open source says.
    we people have created barriers of ego around us which makes us inefficient, we have to break them.


  7. Hey sanyal, really u are jst giving the best. All the facts, no one cares abt here in India. The main difference is ‘work ethics’. A great compilation i would say. Again a good job..


  8. The nemesis of Indian Education System is not because the above reasons only.. But at base our religious system (all that quota shit) is there…
    My friend has 150 marks in CET .. He is waiting in a queue for taking admission in CO_P (PUNE)….but he didn’dt get it.. you know why because the next 3 students standing in front of him were from “””quota”””… I am not blaming anyone (especially Sanyal because i know he is against it)…
    But again the fu_king politicians who had fu_ked the system & keep on…
    indian constitution have specified clearly that quota thing is for all those who are actually SC/NT, not on paper but ….
    So every clever person having reputed degrees wants to go to abroad..
    But I pity them because they forget one basic thing “Destiny meets person on the road the one he or she has take to avoid it(Destiny)”… Those who have read all that shit about Indians in Australia (Abroad)… So why to face all that shit in other countries instead of India ?
    We often say “Every government is a parliament of whores” But we are forgetting “in a democracy, the whores are us.”
    Slightly subject change but if you think carefully then you find it right……


  9. sadly but true i also feel sad abt such incidences, n dont worry to post your thoughts i am a liberal person bt fact is the society is not yet so liberal so better dont mention any names in posts.
    there are several reasons for that but most important is vote bank n just vote banks….unfortunately some politicians n socialists in the respective community also don’t want to pull out the poor people from their miserable condition, because if they do so a big source of corruption will vanish. n that is why they have divided this societies into so many sub categories with number of local leaders. if some liberal tries to collaborate these people, the all distributed leader oppose any change and keep abusing the other leaders and appreciating own works.

    some politicians take wrong interpretation of the constitutional provisions, and just for the sake of vote banks they pretend to the illiterate people of respective community as this reservation thing is their right and not as a provision for weak peoples, creating further trouble for social reformers.

    remember this lines from documentary Zeitgeist which are perfectly applicable to indian society:
    we must be open to new information at all times even if it threaten our current belief system & hence identities. Sadly society today has failed to recognize this and the established institutions continue to paralyze growth by preserving outdated social structures.
    Simultaneously population suffers from fear of change for their conditioning assume a static identity & changing once belief system usually results in insult and apprehension for being wrong is erroneously associated with failure, when in fact to be proven wrong should be celebrated for it is elevating someone to new level of understanding furthering awareness…

    ohh.. n abt racism we Indian are resist since ancient time 😉 . even we point figures at Australia, we forget how prejudiced we are against dark skin.


  10. Yes I agree with this story .mostly many students do this. they don’ t know what is the subject ?what is IT? but they passed with their source and their power.and students who passsed with their labour they loss of work because they have no money and they have no power .this is the patiality which make India poor.So we must raise voice.


  11. I m totally agree with u..
    &I jst prepare my own notes about indian education system from ur’s fact & figure…
    thankyou to encouraging people like us…
    I will surely inspire more peoples about our education system…


  12. I’ve been browsing online greater than 3 hours as of late, but I never discovered any interesting article like yours.
    It is pretty price sufficient for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made excellent content as
    you probably did, the internet will likely be much more helpful than ever before.


  13. Dear Sanyal, I’m impressed brother.

    I think one of the solution we can work towards is enoucraging the students from schools to choose a profession which they are passionate about.
    I have trained engineering students on life skills and the number one emotion that I saw in them and pretty much every student we see these days is that lack of interest (lack of obsession :P)

    If you do what you love for your work you will love your work.

    This is the principle idea I try to drive into each and every student I meet these days. And I personally follow it.

    The primary motivation of a human is our self interest. We would always do something that “we find good for us”.
    Instead of condemning that as selfishness, we need to embrace that and “use” it.

    Once explain to a student that they have a shot at a lifetime of success and happiness if they find a job/subject what suits their personality and interest, the change we desire starts automatically..

    This is my idea and I am working towards it in my own humble way.

    I am designing a passionate training program for my future students to help them understand themselves and pursue their passion..

    I respect your work mate. But I don’t wanna clap for you like others do. You and I know both knows this is not our best. We still have a lot of stuff in the basement. 🙂

    btw, remember to work out and take care of your health. 😛



    children should freely choose their career and become what they want to become and lead a quality life of fulfillment

    nice post and good work by gathering the data,a making it available to all


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