3. Twelve transitions from academics to corporate life

previous article the essence of engineering and technology,
“There r 3 kinds of students in engineering...Some make wonders happen..!
 Some see wonders happen..! Others wonder what happened!! ” (a facebook status)

It is important to reduce the third type of engineers from the system. For achieving this system must be focused in imbibing the professional ethics and skills in the students.  I am not going discuss nitty-gritty of ethics here. I have discussed the transitions and the associated values are implied and one is free to associate the ethical value with it, though i have given my implication associated with each transition. Before going further let me clarify one most important thing, you should learn to say No based on situation, remember saying no does not always mean saying never, no may also mean not right now. you are in the academy to be an engineer and hence you decisions should be always be integral with this fact.

I have discussed the expected transition from a teenager to a complete employable person with the engineering skills. These 12 transitions are the must have characteristics for an engineer. These are progressive steps and will take its natural time to incorporate in yourself, you should be always honest with yourself to install these skills in your personality. Remember, ‘Creating plan with cautious mind and executing it with full zest that is what defines the true engineering spirit’.

campus corporate
1 Individual based To Team based
2 Self planned To Project planned
3 Last minute preparation To Day to day work discipline
4 Answer to available and known To Solution not known
5 Remember the answer To Arrive at an answer
6 Marks based To Productivity based
7 Evaluated by someone else To Start with self evaluation
8 Deadlines not all that tough To Very strict dead lines
9 Canteen behavior To Corporate etiquette
10 Home to college To Alone and corporate
11 Prescribed syllabus To Each day’s activity is unique
12 Understanding theory To Activity based learning

these transitions are given by wipro CEO in FICCI summit on 2007 on Indian higher education.

The transitions indicated in italic face,  need proper guidance so students should seek advice from either their teachers (class teacher) or responsible senior student.

Although most of points here are self explanatory, still I have given my interpretation about some of the activities. with each of the transition you will learn some values, these values will play crucial role in your  entire life.

  1. Individual based To Team based: Changing the mindset of the student from individual level thinking to team based.  The team here is what is created while doing the project. The teacher can take help of the friendship relations of students to begin with. Emphasis should be given on coordination and cooperation of activities.  value: your decision should be integral to the situation. Continue reading “3. Twelve transitions from academics to corporate life”

1. The inconvenient truth about ENGINEERING

There was a time when engineer had a very prestigious position. The engineers then were also talented and really worth the title of engineer, people who were able to actually invent something new. Then came globalization and things got worst very quickly. As awareness about education increased, more and more people start opting for job of engineer. technology also blown the bubble of opportunity for engineers. The market of a country was open for all other countries to carry out their business. So in search for low cost labor the already established industrializes countries like US, UK, Scandinavian countries etc. start pursuing low cost labor in developing countries, India being one of them. India has a large number of youth and all of them needed job for sustainable life. The western world needed low cost labor force for their daily activities, thus came the BPO, KPO and outsourcing in India.

India produces nearly a million graduate engineers per year but unfortunately as per NASSCOM only one out of four engineers possesses the skills to be employed. The rest of graduates opt for job which doesn’t require qualification of engineer. Thus whole system degrades the value of engineer. While such underdevelopment of talent prevails, it is irony that globally thousands of jobs are vacant due to lack of skilled personnel.

Today Indian software market is largely based on outsourcing of software. There is hardly an Indian technical brand like apple, Google or Microsoft. It is not like that Indian are not capable of achieving this but the policies are so rigidly tighten while the globalization process that such kind of efforts often turns futile.  The cream talented layer often turns out to be general manager or any such equivalent higher authority position at leading Company. In fact this achievement is also appreciable but through entrepreneurship an Indian brand can fetch more revenue to government of India and provide more employment opportunity and it will also prevent the brain drain phenomenon.

In India for technical education there is literally a divide between above 75% marks group (distinction) and bellow that. This divide is known as IITions and non IITions. These toppers get best quality education, facilities and faculty in terms of Indian education. The rest of students are left to the private colleges whose sole aim is profit at any cost. And then start the world of inception.  These below 75% students came from all mark pool right from 40% to around 75% due to such huge variation in methods of study, seriousness about work, ethics and many more. Unfortunately to deal with this variation system adopts standards which are often lowered to a lowest common denominator, i.e. standards for passing of 40% student. The students are never made aware about this fact, they keep on thinking that wow it’s very simple, engineering and technology is a child’s play for me. Where in fact in reality they are just introduced to the pick of iceberg with actually difficultly hidden and unknown underneath. In such incompetent environment  people don’t find challenging situations, they don’t feel need to innovate causing underdevelopment of their talent and aspirations. And finally after four years of course they became engineer, not for innovation but to serve the huge labor market, killing own inspirations and opting for a job based on preference of employer.

So reader if you are one of that engineer then this is for you… if your student then its right time to start working to justify your talent and break the curse of unawareness.

I must clarify that it is not like that students don’t have access to explore the iceberg of technology. In fact I believe those who think they can deal with difficulty should keep on challenging their self. Intellectual development also work like physical exercise if you don’t exercise your muscle will not get developed simultaneously if u start heavy exercise at a time you will fall sick and exhausted. So the process should be deliberate and step by step with proper planning. All my help, efforts and this article is dedicated to those aspirant students only.

the world is changing at a fast pace and so the technology, the prescribed syllabus fails to keep this pace causing a divide between the produced engineers and technology in outside world. this barrier can be only bridged with help of web and open source. it is job and duty of engineers to enhance the technology with their engineering skills so you should be always aware about latest happening in the tech world.

true essence of engineering lies in your daily behavior, it lies in how we treat the people, how you handle the situation. this is what makes the difference between other field students and engineers. ‘Creating plan with cautious mind and executing it with full zest is what defines the true engineering spirit’. the engineering advantage really works and you gotta feel the power of knowledge, its amazing.

while studding engineering i always find this contrasting fact that on name of professional education and unnecessary bureaucracy, the higher authority has always ignored the essential ingredient of life ‘the universal human values’ its fact that all problems seen in society are result of it. these are missing and to bring discipline, the management adopts autocratic ruling causing disappointments in students and bring the system to a lowest common divider.

considering this In next article the essence of engineering and technology I am going to discuss the actual spirit of engineering and technology, so that you will know what engineering really means and how to conquer the mountain of technology.

Finolex ‘Anarchy of Management and Technology’

Few days ago I was In pune when my I got mail from my college management regarding collection of convocation certificate i.e proof that this(me) idiot is an engineer. This certificate is very essential for a student since my dear university has already separated degree from job and now education from knowledge. Thus it is a normal phenomenon since last few years that a waiter taking order in a hotel says I am an engineer from Mumbai university! And you got to believe him after seeing his degree certificate! that’s beauty of my university, basically it works as per article 19 of constitution which allow us freedom of taking job as per our wish so Engineer doing job of waiter, clerk, banker and so on… this is normal.

And coming back to original topic, I read the mail which is here,

This mail actually came as a sweet surprise to me since during my last year I worked seriously to convince my HOD for e-governance of college department and it was happening…

So to follow the death line of 30th April I rush to Ratnagiri to collect the certificate, few of my friends who are trainee engineers now asked me to collect their certificate on their recommendation letter. Since a very few students from FAMT have got job in various companies the management was unaware of the fact that trainees don’t get leave during training period… so be it, the Clark told me that each person should come personally to collect his/her own certificate. I said never mind to myself and collected my certificate and signed the log with my contact number. While getting out of office I convey this disgusting rule to my poor trainee friends.

As it was April ending submissions were going on with students sitting outside staff room completing their journals, journals… this is a really painful work for many and a cakewalk for others if done in ‘engineers way’, so just remind me my old days, I entered in staff room where submission were going, mam greeted me and offered a sit, she was busy in taking submission but still she managed chatting with me meanwhile. And when she was a little bit of free from students she asked me for the certificate in my hand n pointed out that on certificate name of college is mentioned as M F academy of management and technology she also said that she has seen more certificate with this name, I was surprised to know that for 4 years I learnt in a college writing FAMT as its name and suddenly on my proof on engineering it appear as M F AMT. a surprise for me!, well anything can happen in India! Just remembered recent corruption case of medical council of India chief ketan desai… anything is possible in my country!

It was again rush at her cabin for submission so I decide to ask other manager that is my department HOD regarding actual name of my college. The HOD of IT is a true geek, if u came in FAMT there are very few great things out there he is one of them. It’s a great feeling to be with such talented person. As per his talent he should be in some IIT but donno why he is in ratnagiri? I have asked him abt it but he always avoided answering this question may be his personal problem.

Anyways Sir clarified me that the M stands for some maritona university from Australia (finolex had join collaboration with some Australian university! Well well, FAMT works under UGC, still in India foreign university bill is in ‘bill’ condition it will be put in front of parliament on 15th of may 2010 for first time. Also FAMT just offer BE and MCA degree course only. so what and why collaboration with maritoba? Besides my doubt was why do u need other university when Mumbai university is enough for all sort of bizarre disasters! But its FAMT, with a hidden meaning of ‘M’ which I will discussed in coming part.

Then I leave sirs cabin with as usual feeling I told sir n+1 ideas for improving conditions in collage with aid of technology, As usual sir listen to all; forgot the n ideas and decide to support the 1 in coming days. So I leave his cabin and again discussed same things with my friends. My friends are really cool they always listen to my all ideas(?) very patiently but they never give their opinions about it. Anyways as it was their lunch time so I leave.

As I came to home and relaxed, I once again read the certificate and wonder for every paper of 8sem I have written name of my college as FAMT so what can be real meaning of FAMT? Truly with all 4 years of experience of college days, one thing was very sure that college is a factory of producing mindless robots but if it is not producing engineering minds then what can be name of my academy? and I came up with following sweet names for my academy.

The First one that came in my mind was Finolex academy of mismanagement and tantrum

This is actually a very realistic title as I have learn how thinks should not be managed so as to have a best performance out of the system… reverse learning. U know in FAMT there is no management course but still through this reverse learning they manage to teach students about management. (see at last they are managing something!!!)

The higher management is so allergic to the management that recently they have declared that IT has no relation with management (I am rolling on floor just while typing this) how stupid one can be, my suggestion… just have a look at new syllabus. It was like a ‘talibanic fatawa’, a backward looking approach. Let it be, god bless them. foreign universities( i.e. American invasion) are coming soon in India. Hope it will open their eyes.

FAMT has a great legacy of mismanagement I don’t remember what it has managed effectively last time. Ohh… how can I forget this they can effectively perish talent of teachers and students; same is true about aspiration and dreams of students.

So the other part tantrum, it is actually result of ego mainly and it is seen in India peoples since years as I am learning Indian history there is 1000s of years of history where this ego has lead to destruction, and the great country we are… the great Indian culture we have like no other country in world has got, I mean we are so great that we have and had mastery in everything peace, philosophy, polity creativity of art, science, music and just like that, we have mastery in self destruction with castism, betrayal, envy, ‘back-ward looking policies’ And this legacy continues today… (a complete balance?). it has became our hobby not to learn from history; I mean how vast is Indian history who will learn it all! better Let’s make mistakes and learn each time, it doesn’t matter if those are made by our ancestors in past. let’s do it in better way with more destruction…

So where all this Indian history came from? ya tantrum… right, in FAMT first the teachers throw tantrum on students during their 4 year tenure and as soon as student finishes his/her BE he throw tantrum on the faculty (wow the student is master in atleast something that has came from the teachers)

It’s not just between student and teacher but between management and teachers too, the teachers are not allowed to show mistakes of management they are not even allowed to feel the feedback forms of various institute with freedom, the HOD and senior professors of various departments openly abuse principle of FAMT the clerk sitting in office does same with students the registrar does same with all… wow what a great legacy of tantrum.

So  I have named FAMT as  Finolex academy of mismanagement and tantrum

Other name came in my mind was Finolex academy of mismanagement and time wastage This is another perfect name for my academy Infact was thinking about writing a book or starting a blog or page on facebook with title like,

‘101 ways of wasting time effectively’ or

‘101 ways to waste time in engineers way’ or

‘how to waste time efficiently’

Anyways the fact is till 4th sem I attended lectures very seriously tried to listen every word of professor but after that teachers changed and things got worse. when I tried to concentrate it usually resulted in drowsy feeling I used to google on my cell for ‘how to keep eyes open during drowsy lectures’! But then I took guidance of great last benchers, these are one category of people who has so much patience that they can enjoy any lecture be in of engineering or of any other stream; its same thing for them. So these monks of last bench shown me path of salvation, which included literally infinite ways of spending lecture time without getting bored! but I choose only few of them (that’s why book is only about 101)

Cost for our 1 hour was equivalent to 0.125 marks i.e. total ~40 lectures in semester and 1 precious hour waste of youth! That’s how me n my friends used to weight lectures as knowledge gain from such lectures ware 0.001 ( that 0.001 for developing patience!)  the most frustrating duration of my life but we were helpless, that’s life… but it improved my maths as for various lectures, teacher and subjects the factor 0.125 kept on changing and this was another good time pass in lectures. A very few lectures were independent of marks which I enjoyed thoroughly.

with addition to this there was the each year’s same mistakes causing delay and time wastage, like submission, queue in front of office for filling form, useless lectures, common offs etc. (I told u it’s our legacy not to learn from history!) common off reminds me one of my great friend who is right now doing job, he is very sad coz his company doesn’t allow him to take common offs.

So in the academy no matter how much time a student may take for completion of his degree it doesn’t even matter if he became BE finally but one thing is sure that he becomes master of wasting time.

And finally I came up with best possible title i.e. Finolex anarchy of management and technology (where finolex stands for just college)

it is said in political science ‘if there is no respect for head of organization in minds of subject, if he cannot understand problems of his subject, if he cannot have any forward looking policy, it is the beginning of anarchy for that state’.

Agitation and unity can break down such state at any instant I know this will not happen with a private body since it’s not a government and it’s not an issue of life and death. These are political concepts and u need to study it to learn seriousness of it. It’s about choosing between freedom and fear. Interested people may contact me for clarification coz I m not in mood to discuss philosophy here today.

‘Anarchy of management’ I have talked about it in brief. About anarchy of technology, in FAMT we still don’t have wi-fi router, the director says don’t use mobile phones not even for educational use, just 4-6 working PC for internet and out of date technical knowledge of current affairs of IT world. That defines technology in FAMT, annual projects are mostly based on outdated technology sometimes a copy-paste from other college too.

I remember one of my friend asked for permission for a website for his department and director asked him why PHP and apache build site in asp. (thank god he didn’t ask him to develop it with punch cards) finally he rejected the idea without giving any reason.

Placement cell don’t have database of students (besides what is its use if companies never visit FAMT) the tech fest of colleges goes faint with annual event utopia. And above all if u write about a latest technology in exam papers and expect to get good credit for it, you surely get f**ked up.

So this all I was thinking and suddenly my mobile rang… it was my friend, I pick the call he said “college has sent all certificate back to  university there is an error in name of college so you come and collect letter from college so as to get changed certificate from university which u will have to collect from the university later” I said WTF… what else I can do! (besides now a days I also write this kind of blogs)

So in this way it was another feather in crown of finolex academy of mismanagement. The great academy it is, never miss a change to prove me right!

the grat Indian recession

Lets put  this in simple terms, today I was studying the Indian economics and current recession and I came across this term called as downwards spiral that cause recession.

It says,

Recession is when there is plenty of goods and services available in the market but the people don’t have enough money to buy them, so as the customers don’t buy the dealer cant clear his stocks i.e.  neither he cannot pay to the producer nor he is out of stocks so he don’t ask producer for new goods n services. similarly producer cannot buy new raw material and he stops production and simultaneously the employees don’t get salary most of them are fired. And the cycle begins…No money in peoples hand, further decreases their capacity to buying (decrease in purchasing power of consumers) and  results  in downward ladder for economy.

Every entity on the ladder On top floor producer, on 2nd floor the dealer and at bottom its customer, they points figures at each other for cause of recession.

To solve such recession problems,  western economist (like kynes, milton etc.)   put forth a theory where they say ‘government should put stimulus into the system they should increase peoples purchasing power by providing them wages so that they will buy good and the cycle of demand and supply will resume’ prety simple…

Well our education system is also suffering from such recession since years. But unfortunately, as man is a rational animal; runs behind money like anything than knowledge,  but still I am applying this recession logic by just replacing money by will power and goods and services by knowledge so the system will become as,

The students fraternity well no need to say they (most of them unfortunately) tends to look for the shortcut so never use their patience or energy to ask teachers (less /no demand for knowledge),

the manager says we don’t get good teachers and persons, extremely unfortunate to this country teaching is considered as a lower category job (which I think is really a prestigious job as you construct youth the single most important entity in development of any country) and job like software professional considers a higher category job (which is nothing but a slavery to a foreign company mostly). [I would rather be please if any one became entrepreneurs and set his shop in india to provide job for Indians adding to GDP + talent of youth of the country].

So point is the creamy layer proudly became slaves and other as they don’t have any option came to teaching (product is not worth investing.) and finally our great macurly based british adopted education system which deliberately separates technical people form humanities subjects, infact the HOD is a MTech/ME person with PhD but no management skills. (It’s not I want to say that one get management skills by doing MBA only but it’s a generalised observation.) the management fear to do new experiment / drastic change in production or marketing strategy.

in all The management or higher authority stands on top of the ladder. yell at teacher that they are not doing their job while teachers blame students that they don’t ask us questions! (i.e. they expect that consumer will buy product without advertisement!) and student points at teachers that they make subject boring. finally the teacher fraternity stops their production of knowledge as there is limited exams oriented demand of knowledge. And thus it gives rise to down spiral laddr.

Such students/ teacher in future became manager and repeats exactly same what happen with them and at each step they make depreciation of system since, brilliant human being finds more shortcuts each times making further loss of knowledge and giving rise to a perfect down going ladder towards destruction.

Just like the normal economic recession Here a stimulus package given can really change the situation.

The higher management must invest more money for training of teachers, and increasing their salary so youth will think it as a Currier option (of course teaching is an art so person with passion towards teaching will accept teaching as job). This section has a huge future since India is a young country and with 12% drop out at graduation is tending to change so in future will need more colleges=> more staff.

Simple… make papers tough! Let the students search for knowledge, create an artificial drought of knowledge let them search, read. To begin something good we have to sacrifice some thing. Management must trust students and make the administration of quasi-democratic form rather than director/principle acting as monarch.

I laughed after writing this coz it’s not a 2+2=4 logic! But its fun when u relate your study with any day-to-day life problem! It makes process of study really enjoyable! but still don’t know why i stumble upon this topic  🙂

Becoming One With the World

Before we become one with the world we have to become one with ourselves. If we get our own house in order we don’t have to make an effort to be one with the world. The world will want to be one with us. Everyone wants to be friends with happy, rich, thriving neighbors. Nobody wants a family festered with disputes.A lot is wrong in my country. There are too many differences. The question is not who we blame for this. The question is how do we fix it? Because to do anything great, you have to become one first. Two generations ago, our forefathers came together to win us Independence. It isn’t like we didn’t have disputes then. Religion, caste, community have existed for centuries. But Gandhi brought them all together for a greater cause – to get the country free.
Today, we have another greater cause. To get India its rightful place in the world. To see India the way the younger generation wants to see it. To make India a prosperous, developed country, where not only the spirit of patriotism, but also the standard of living is high. Where anyone with the talent, drive and hard work alone has the ability to make it. Where people don’t ask where you come from, but where you are going. We all know that India, as we have all dreamt of that India.
There is a lot required to be done for this, and it doesn’t just start and end  by blaming politicians. For in a democracy, we elect the politicians. If our thinking changes, our voting will change and the politicians will change. And since I have made a nation that didn’t read, read, do I believe people’s thinking can be changed.

To me there are 3 main areas where I think we need to change our thinking – leaders included. And I’m not just saying we need to do it because it is morally right/ ethically correct/ or because it sounds nice at a conference. We need to do it as it make sense from an incentives point of view. These three areas are changing the politics of differences to the politics of similarity, looking down on elitism and the role of English.

The first mindset change required is to change the politics of differences to the politics of similarity. I’ve been studying young people in India, not just in big cities but across India for the last five years.
They are the bulk of the population – the bulk of our voter bank. Yet, what they are looking for is not what politicians are pitching. It is not too different from the old school Bollywood where they think item numbers, big budgets and tested formulas work while the biggest hits of the year could be Rock On and Jaane Tu. Yes, times have changed.
Here is what the politicians are pitching – old fashioned patriotism, defending traditions, being the torchbearer of communities, caste and religion. Here is what the youth wants – better colleges, better jobs, better role models. Compared to the talent pool, the number of good college seats are very limited. Same for good jobs. These wants are the biggest similarity that we all share. We all want the same things – progress. I see a huge disconnect in the political strategies of existing politicians vs. what could work for the new voters.
I think broad based infrastructure and economic development will satisfy the young generation’s needs. It isn’t an easy goal to attain – but it is the great cause that can unite us. Today a dynamic politician who takes this cause can achieve a far greater success than any regional politician. And the slot is waiting to be taken.
Another aspect required to convert the politics of differences to the politics of similarities is a  strong moderate voice. When someone tries to divide us, people from the same community as the divider have to stand up against him. If person A is saying Non-Marathis should be attacked, then some Marathis need to stand up and say person A is talking nonsense. If a Muslim commits terrorist attack, other Muslims should stand up and condemn it, as Hindus are going to condemn it anyway. This moderate voice is sorely missing but is critical in keeping the country together. And the youth want to keep it together, as we want to be remembered as the generation who took India forward, not the one that cut India into two dozen pieces.
I hate telling people what to do, but the media does have a role in this. I agree that media is a business and TRPs matter above anything else. However, there are ethics in every business. Doctors make money off sick people, but it doesn’t mean they keep people sick and not heal them. If you find a moderate voice, highlight it as soon as a divisive voice appears. And don’t take sides, argue or debate it. Don’t validate the ridiculous. Focus on the greater cause.

The second mindset we need to change is that of elitism. From my early childhood days, to college, to professional and business life, and now in the publishing and entertainment circles, I have noticed a peculiar Indian habit of elitism. Maybe it is hard to achieve anything in India. But the moment any person becomes even moderately successful, educated, rich, famous, talented or even develops a fine taste, they consider themselves different from the rest. They begin to move in circles where the common people and their tastes are looked down upon. This means a large chunk of our most qualified,  experienced, connected and influential people prefer to live air-conditioned lives in their bubble of like minded people. Naive people  who elect stupid politicians – that is the bottomline for all Indian problems, and they want nothing to do with it. But tell me, if the thinking of the common people has to be changed, who is going to change it? What is the point of discussing solutions to Indian problems if there is no buy-in from the common man? Just because it feels good to be around like-minded, intelligent people? What is the use of this intelligence?
If you switch on the TV, seventy percent of the time you will see Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The reason is the media is centered in these cities. However, ninety percent of India is not this. Unless we represent these people properly, how will these people ever come with us?
Again, I am not making these points as a moral appeal. I think understanding India and being inclusive makes massive business sense. And trust me, it doesn’t take any coolness or trendiness away from you if you do it right. Look at me, I am the mass-iest English author ever invented in India. My books sell on railway stations and next to atta in Big Bazaar. I have an Indian publisher who operates from the bylanes of Darya Ganj. And yet, on orkut the most common words associated with my name are coolness and awesomeness – tags given by my wonderful readers. I think it is cooler to know how people think in the streets of Indore and Raipur than who’s walking the ramp in South Mumbai. You may have planned your next vacation abroad, but have you visited a small town lately? Have you shown your kids what the real India is like? Don’t you think they will need to know that as they grow up and enter the workforce. Yes, I want people to look down on elitism and develop a culture of inclusiveness. If you are educated, educate others. If you have good taste, improve others taste rather than calling theirs bad.

The last aspect where we need to change our thinking is our attitude to  English. We have to embrace English like never before. Not England, but English. This point may sound contradictory to my previous one, but I am not talking about confining English to the classes, but really taking it to the grassroot level. English and Hindi can co-exist. Hindi is the mother and English is the wife. It is possible to love them both. In small towns, districts and even villages – we need to spread English. India already has a headstart as so many Indians speak English and we don’t have to get expat teachers like China does. But we must not confuse patriotism with the skills one needs to compete in the real world. If you are making an effort to start a school where none existed, why not give the people what will help them most. I can teach a villager geometry and physics in Hindi, but frankly when he goes to look for a job he is going to find that education useless. English will get him a job. Yes, I know some may say what will happen to Hindi and our traditional cultures. I want to ask these people to pull their kids out of English medium  schools and then talk. If you go to small towns, English teaching classes are the biggest draw. There is massive demand for something that will improve people’s lives. I have no special soft spot for this language, but the fact is it works in the world of today. And if more English helps spread prosperity evenly across the country, trust me we will preserve our culture a lot better than a nation that can barely feed its people.

We are all passionate about making India better, so we can discuss this forever. But today I wanted to leave you with just three thoughts – politics of similarities, less elitism and more English that we need to build consensus on. If you agree with me, please do whatever you can in your capacity to make the consensus happen. It could be just a discussion with all your friends, or spreading these thoughts in a broader manner, if you have the means and power to do so. For the fact that we are sitting in this wonderful venue means our country has been kind to us. Let’s see what we can give back to our nation.

The government policies

part 5: government policies or politics?

I think India might be one of very few country perhaps only country where today nursery charges more fees that to elite colleges like IIT. In schools of delhi it is prominently seen where good nursery school charges around Rs.75,000 to Rs.1.5 lakh per annum where as IIT`s annual fees is around Rs.70,000

I am not exaggerating because its job of every government to make available opportunities to all. In that perspective we must get equal opportunities as IIT people or equivalent but this is impossible. We have been tagged as other college engineers.

And above all we accept it calmly since we don’t know about it. This unawareness is also donated by our education system. Remember what you learn in your schools?

Let me elaborate this in short.

In Indian constitution there is provision that every individual must get full knowledge about how their country is governed what are guiding principles of Indian government. Also it is mentioned in constitution as any Indian’s fundamental duty to develop a scientific vision.

Ask your self do you have scientific vision? Do you have analysis skills?  Do you know your fundamental rights and duties?

Ok I can understand your first question will be what exactly scientific vision is? It`s something like this, Your mind should act like sponge, absorbing only what you need from what you observe,(of course for that you need to observe first) it should test the collected data on basis of previously collected knowledge to generate more knowledge so that you will learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. This how science progresses.

Does our education doing this bit?  Ask yourself.

my answer is ‘yes’ they are doing it but with partiality.

The students studding in2-3 lakhs per annum schools of IB and CBSC board learn this values perfectly. Their syllabus is just perfect for it. But what about millions of students in state board schools?

They belong to the government schools… government policies are always based on equity.

What is equity? It is the quality of being equal and impartial. So what they do is,

They bring the complication level down to a level from where everything is just so simple and small that student thinks OMG this is so simple I will n I can do this in 2 days before exams and in fact they do it.

But in whole process they miss a most important skill, skills of analysis, with 0 or less exercise for mind their thinking capacity dwarfing. The exam system make them crammers Who study only during last week before exams and forgets all values after exams. How will this students recognize their true potential with such system?

above all there are hell lot of amusement things created for students and Childs, best are televisions, games, fa(s)tfood etc. which keep young minds out from current issues and never let them know what they are losing, and if you are thinking that your government will do something for it? They forget about it, because if they do so there will be millions of aware minds and it is always difficult to manipulate such population.

This will prevent corruption and will expose many politicians. You know in 1967 there was a recommendation of lok-aayukta an independent commission like CBI to monitor people’s complaints and performance of all government offices, but since 42 years this bill has bought in parliament for 8 times but was never sanctioned! you are wise enough to know why this has never became law.

Let’s come back to graduation. While doing my graduation I always find that soul of the subject is missing and we are mere studding something that is chopped for us just pick it up and move on, don’t think or ask why we are doing so! we had a subject called foundation of IT saying something about what is scope of IT but in new syllabus this part is omitted deliberately. Ya they say that this subject is pretty useless. And they are right at their level since they want slaves to serve IT firms.

it`s very much needed to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Just earning money should not be the aim of life, you must enjoy the work so that your mind will produce new idea`s effortlessly, causing prosperity to you n your company or institution.

but wait a minute… i dont know why but i smell something like another conspiracy here also. see, the system has created a picture which says education system is bad here we are not able to provide good  education to students so lets open gates for foreign universities, let them set their shops here so government will get their revenue and we will get education! (some politics will get new swiss accounts!) what do you think? becaouse it is happening…


.to be continued.

What about the youth

part4:- What about the youth?

I am calling the produced engineers as ‘mindless IT slaves’ because after 4 years course we IT ions are so powerless that we literally look for any kind of job we don’t have choice… we don’t have preferences… we don’t have intensive interest in single field neither we are expert of a field. Whereas IT covers almost every field where there is transfer, storage, and retrieval of a single bit is involved. In fact many bachelors struggle to define the scope of IT! (the very first definition of IT) Just what indicated by Mr. Henry during last year’s seminar. Of course he came for advertising for I2IT but what he said was 100% truth. His speech hurt minds and ego of all ITions, all took it as only a stupid mans criticize, and due to lack of analysis skills and political value nobody really thought about what he wanted to convey, you know you can always have many meaning from a single sentence, just imagination is required. Although his boss director of I2IT told his to make campaign about I2IT, he expressed his feelings about youth and pains about the IT world. He failed to satisfy his boss`s wish but succeeded in illuminating at least one mind.

So Don’t u think its mass enslavement? Education is not illuminating any lamp in students mind!

Exactly that`s true. Think what is greatest asset India got what is our most powerful resource that no other country has got? It’s the manpower… we the people, and they 2% of wealthy people need us for running their business.

They don’t need rivalries… no competitions… just pure business which will fetch profit.

If we consider the population pyramid of top economic countries, US more than 60% old people fighting for health policies with obama admin, china having upside down pyramid due to one child per family program and many more. Whereas Indian pyramid shows more than 50% under 18year age. In that way we have   got largest young and brilliant mind who have immense amount of talent… and who can question about talent level of Indian minds?

But what we are doing about it? Rather than developing it for our country…rather than exploiting it for ourselves we are exporting it. On the name of globalization on name of brain drain n many more.

The system is like every IIT student has got license to stat his or her business or child of any entrepreneur has right to begin new venture and we graduates from all other universities should act as slaves in their firms. (It`s not a hard n fast rule point is we never think about it coz we don’t know the possibilities associated with it…unawareness)

The system(here college) is doing pretty good job for it. They don’t allow us to have our own web site they don’t allow us to have students organization and many colleges even don’t have teachers organization.  Where as it is very important to have a platform to collaborate ideas, to fight against exploitation. We lack that too.

To any company or firm a lot of ‘skilled’ manpower is required. Undoubtedly India has got large amount of it, but does that mean every aspirant engineer should get the same kind of job I mean here education must liberate students over the IT world and let the students decide which field he will like to join. Sadly both students and system ignores this issue and if the client is not asking for upgrade why should developed give free of cost?

Other aspect of IT evaluation is that If you think on this then you will find some arguments as they are paying hefty amount of salary 2-5 lakhs per year to write codes. And here I don’t argue coz writing code is also art and some people love it, I have many friends who are ready for coding u just need to give them logic. This is also acceptable since these people have found their dream job. There s nothing wrong about it too.

But you know what Indian education system hardly produces programmers; it produces coders… not just in field of IT but in every field of engineering. What value an engineer has got today? And after getting that 3-4 lakhs per year they stop thinking, hardly 15% of then read news papers, more than 60% of them watch TV but never news channel. How they will know misery of this country and the remedies. Most of them don’t even read books their most trusted source of information is TV serials, movies and the advertisement that come in between them.

For a moment let’s keep aside IT, the other booming industry in India is and will be infrastructure i.e. related with civil, and mechanical engineering. There are 33 big infrastructure projects are going in India for which supervisors are from china and western countries. And we just have slaves from India… and they say India has got ample amount of talent, but no one can eat just talent, it is also important to give proper opportunities to the aspirant so that he can give shape to his talent and make most of from his skills and talent. Sadly with current education system student fails to or becomes timid in recognizing their hidden talent. It’s simple fact as the diamond hidden in earths curst never knows its value until someone carves it properly. Unfortunately the carvers of education system… well it’s unrealistic to expect them to do their job with professional touch without proper training. The teacher never gets any kind of training neither from university nor from college. They ask for SET and NET test but how on earth an exam creates a mind or develops skills necessary for teaching after all teaching is an art.

What happens without ethics and principles of morality is what we see today in our day to day life. Increased crime rates with mostly youth taking part in it, violence and many more. This all is deliberately supported by some political parties they beat other states students but they never arrange some or same coaching facilities which other states get in their respective states, they never try to increase level of competence in students instead they prefer violence.

I still remember I was with my father and his other colleague they were workers for an NGO working for scheduled caste people and they were discussing issue of a student who got 91% in 10th and failed to score in medical CET these people ware abusing the CET and such competitive exams saying that government has bought this into being to rule out SC candidates(?) and it’s another way to make money. “how can a 91% scoring student fail to score even 100 in CET there must be some manipulation going” I tried to explain them how CET like exams are test level of knowledge and how easy it is to score in board exams with guides but the people keep on refusing it.

Why I have included this episode here, this and like other people later comes in influence with political leaders their also they express their view in same way. This is not about one community or society but most of parents and students also think in same way. The vote banks hungry political then pressurize the education system to bring about changes, changes like decrease level of difficulty, repetition of questions, more reservation and many more. So this goes on becoming a vicious cycle.

We desperately need to break this because by lowering competency or difficulty will not solve problems of real world as all other world will move ahead with its own pace and if we might fail to be in race. A feeling like “I fell so behind that I thought I was the first one in race”

so all together India has got its next sachine tendulkar but he is currently working as software engineer, india also has its next  homi bhabha but he is currently working as Clark in post office. and like wise with lack of exposure and opportunities  India`s next talent is in darkness of unawareness. we need to ignite these minds.

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