1. The inconvenient truth about ENGINEERING

There was a time when engineer had a very prestigious position. The engineers then were also talented and really worth the title of engineer, people who were able to actually invent something new. Then came globalization and things got worst very quickly. As awareness about education increased, more and more people start opting for job of engineer. technology also blown the bubble of opportunity for engineers. The market of a country was open for all other countries to carry out their business. So in search for low cost labor the already established industrializes countries like US, UK, Scandinavian countries etc. start pursuing low cost labor in developing countries, India being one of them. India has a large number of youth and all of them needed job for sustainable life. The western world needed low cost labor force for their daily activities, thus came the BPO, KPO and outsourcing in India.

India produces nearly a million graduate engineers per year but unfortunately as per NASSCOM only one out of four engineers possesses the skills to be employed. The rest of graduates opt for job which doesn’t require qualification of engineer. Thus whole system degrades the value of engineer. While such underdevelopment of talent prevails, it is irony that globally thousands of jobs are vacant due to lack of skilled personnel.

Today Indian software market is largely based on outsourcing of software. There is hardly an Indian technical brand like apple, Google or Microsoft. It is not like that Indian are not capable of achieving this but the policies are so rigidly tighten while the globalization process that such kind of efforts often turns futile.  The cream talented layer often turns out to be general manager or any such equivalent higher authority position at leading Company. In fact this achievement is also appreciable but through entrepreneurship an Indian brand can fetch more revenue to government of India and provide more employment opportunity and it will also prevent the brain drain phenomenon.

In India for technical education there is literally a divide between above 75% marks group (distinction) and bellow that. This divide is known as IITions and non IITions. These toppers get best quality education, facilities and faculty in terms of Indian education. The rest of students are left to the private colleges whose sole aim is profit at any cost. And then start the world of inception.  These below 75% students came from all mark pool right from 40% to around 75% due to such huge variation in methods of study, seriousness about work, ethics and many more. Unfortunately to deal with this variation system adopts standards which are often lowered to a lowest common denominator, i.e. standards for passing of 40% student. The students are never made aware about this fact, they keep on thinking that wow it’s very simple, engineering and technology is a child’s play for me. Where in fact in reality they are just introduced to the pick of iceberg with actually difficultly hidden and unknown underneath. In such incompetent environment  people don’t find challenging situations, they don’t feel need to innovate causing underdevelopment of their talent and aspirations. And finally after four years of course they became engineer, not for innovation but to serve the huge labor market, killing own inspirations and opting for a job based on preference of employer.

So reader if you are one of that engineer then this is for you… if your student then its right time to start working to justify your talent and break the curse of unawareness.

I must clarify that it is not like that students don’t have access to explore the iceberg of technology. In fact I believe those who think they can deal with difficulty should keep on challenging their self. Intellectual development also work like physical exercise if you don’t exercise your muscle will not get developed simultaneously if u start heavy exercise at a time you will fall sick and exhausted. So the process should be deliberate and step by step with proper planning. All my help, efforts and this article is dedicated to those aspirant students only.

the world is changing at a fast pace and so the technology, the prescribed syllabus fails to keep this pace causing a divide between the produced engineers and technology in outside world. this barrier can be only bridged with help of web and open source. it is job and duty of engineers to enhance the technology with their engineering skills so you should be always aware about latest happening in the tech world.

true essence of engineering lies in your daily behavior, it lies in how we treat the people, how you handle the situation. this is what makes the difference between other field students and engineers. ‘Creating plan with cautious mind and executing it with full zest is what defines the true engineering spirit’. the engineering advantage really works and you gotta feel the power of knowledge, its amazing.

while studding engineering i always find this contrasting fact that on name of professional education and unnecessary bureaucracy, the higher authority has always ignored the essential ingredient of life ‘the universal human values’ its fact that all problems seen in society are result of it. these are missing and to bring discipline, the management adopts autocratic ruling causing disappointments in students and bring the system to a lowest common divider.

considering this In next article the essence of engineering and technology I am going to discuss the actual spirit of engineering and technology, so that you will know what engineering really means and how to conquer the mountain of technology.

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