the grat Indian recession

Lets put  this in simple terms, today I was studying the Indian economics and current recession and I came across this term called as downwards spiral that cause recession.

It says,

Recession is when there is plenty of goods and services available in the market but the people don’t have enough money to buy them, so as the customers don’t buy the dealer cant clear his stocks i.e.  neither he cannot pay to the producer nor he is out of stocks so he don’t ask producer for new goods n services. similarly producer cannot buy new raw material and he stops production and simultaneously the employees don’t get salary most of them are fired. And the cycle begins…No money in peoples hand, further decreases their capacity to buying (decrease in purchasing power of consumers) and  results  in downward ladder for economy.

Every entity on the ladder On top floor producer, on 2nd floor the dealer and at bottom its customer, they points figures at each other for cause of recession.

To solve such recession problems,  western economist (like kynes, milton etc.)   put forth a theory where they say ‘government should put stimulus into the system they should increase peoples purchasing power by providing them wages so that they will buy good and the cycle of demand and supply will resume’ prety simple…

Well our education system is also suffering from such recession since years. But unfortunately, as man is a rational animal; runs behind money like anything than knowledge,  but still I am applying this recession logic by just replacing money by will power and goods and services by knowledge so the system will become as,

The students fraternity well no need to say they (most of them unfortunately) tends to look for the shortcut so never use their patience or energy to ask teachers (less /no demand for knowledge),

the manager says we don’t get good teachers and persons, extremely unfortunate to this country teaching is considered as a lower category job (which I think is really a prestigious job as you construct youth the single most important entity in development of any country) and job like software professional considers a higher category job (which is nothing but a slavery to a foreign company mostly). [I would rather be please if any one became entrepreneurs and set his shop in india to provide job for Indians adding to GDP + talent of youth of the country].

So point is the creamy layer proudly became slaves and other as they don’t have any option came to teaching (product is not worth investing.) and finally our great macurly based british adopted education system which deliberately separates technical people form humanities subjects, infact the HOD is a MTech/ME person with PhD but no management skills. (It’s not I want to say that one get management skills by doing MBA only but it’s a generalised observation.) the management fear to do new experiment / drastic change in production or marketing strategy.

in all The management or higher authority stands on top of the ladder. yell at teacher that they are not doing their job while teachers blame students that they don’t ask us questions! (i.e. they expect that consumer will buy product without advertisement!) and student points at teachers that they make subject boring. finally the teacher fraternity stops their production of knowledge as there is limited exams oriented demand of knowledge. And thus it gives rise to down spiral laddr.

Such students/ teacher in future became manager and repeats exactly same what happen with them and at each step they make depreciation of system since, brilliant human being finds more shortcuts each times making further loss of knowledge and giving rise to a perfect down going ladder towards destruction.

Just like the normal economic recession Here a stimulus package given can really change the situation.

The higher management must invest more money for training of teachers, and increasing their salary so youth will think it as a Currier option (of course teaching is an art so person with passion towards teaching will accept teaching as job). This section has a huge future since India is a young country and with 12% drop out at graduation is tending to change so in future will need more colleges=> more staff.

Simple… make papers tough! Let the students search for knowledge, create an artificial drought of knowledge let them search, read. To begin something good we have to sacrifice some thing. Management must trust students and make the administration of quasi-democratic form rather than director/principle acting as monarch.

I laughed after writing this coz it’s not a 2+2=4 logic! But its fun when u relate your study with any day-to-day life problem! It makes process of study really enjoyable! but still don’t know why i stumble upon this topic  🙂

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