The government policies

part 5: government policies or politics?

I think India might be one of very few country perhaps only country where today nursery charges more fees that to elite colleges like IIT. In schools of delhi it is prominently seen where good nursery school charges around Rs.75,000 to Rs.1.5 lakh per annum where as IIT`s annual fees is around Rs.70,000

I am not exaggerating because its job of every government to make available opportunities to all. In that perspective we must get equal opportunities as IIT people or equivalent but this is impossible. We have been tagged as other college engineers.

And above all we accept it calmly since we don’t know about it. This unawareness is also donated by our education system. Remember what you learn in your schools?

Let me elaborate this in short.

In Indian constitution there is provision that every individual must get full knowledge about how their country is governed what are guiding principles of Indian government. Also it is mentioned in constitution as any Indian’s fundamental duty to develop a scientific vision.

Ask your self do you have scientific vision? Do you have analysis skills?  Do you know your fundamental rights and duties?

Ok I can understand your first question will be what exactly scientific vision is? It`s something like this, Your mind should act like sponge, absorbing only what you need from what you observe,(of course for that you need to observe first) it should test the collected data on basis of previously collected knowledge to generate more knowledge so that you will learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. This how science progresses.

Does our education doing this bit?  Ask yourself.

my answer is ‘yes’ they are doing it but with partiality.

The students studding in2-3 lakhs per annum schools of IB and CBSC board learn this values perfectly. Their syllabus is just perfect for it. But what about millions of students in state board schools?

They belong to the government schools… government policies are always based on equity.

What is equity? It is the quality of being equal and impartial. So what they do is,

They bring the complication level down to a level from where everything is just so simple and small that student thinks OMG this is so simple I will n I can do this in 2 days before exams and in fact they do it.

But in whole process they miss a most important skill, skills of analysis, with 0 or less exercise for mind their thinking capacity dwarfing. The exam system make them crammers Who study only during last week before exams and forgets all values after exams. How will this students recognize their true potential with such system?

above all there are hell lot of amusement things created for students and Childs, best are televisions, games, fa(s)tfood etc. which keep young minds out from current issues and never let them know what they are losing, and if you are thinking that your government will do something for it? They forget about it, because if they do so there will be millions of aware minds and it is always difficult to manipulate such population.

This will prevent corruption and will expose many politicians. You know in 1967 there was a recommendation of lok-aayukta an independent commission like CBI to monitor people’s complaints and performance of all government offices, but since 42 years this bill has bought in parliament for 8 times but was never sanctioned! you are wise enough to know why this has never became law.

Let’s come back to graduation. While doing my graduation I always find that soul of the subject is missing and we are mere studding something that is chopped for us just pick it up and move on, don’t think or ask why we are doing so! we had a subject called foundation of IT saying something about what is scope of IT but in new syllabus this part is omitted deliberately. Ya they say that this subject is pretty useless. And they are right at their level since they want slaves to serve IT firms.

it`s very much needed to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Just earning money should not be the aim of life, you must enjoy the work so that your mind will produce new idea`s effortlessly, causing prosperity to you n your company or institution.

but wait a minute… i dont know why but i smell something like another conspiracy here also. see, the system has created a picture which says education system is bad here we are not able to provide good  education to students so lets open gates for foreign universities, let them set their shops here so government will get their revenue and we will get education! (some politics will get new swiss accounts!) what do you think? becaouse it is happening…


.to be continued.

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