What about the youth

part4:- What about the youth?

I am calling the produced engineers as ‘mindless IT slaves’ because after 4 years course we IT ions are so powerless that we literally look for any kind of job we don’t have choice… we don’t have preferences… we don’t have intensive interest in single field neither we are expert of a field. Whereas IT covers almost every field where there is transfer, storage, and retrieval of a single bit is involved. In fact many bachelors struggle to define the scope of IT! (the very first definition of IT) Just what indicated by Mr. Henry during last year’s seminar. Of course he came for advertising for I2IT but what he said was 100% truth. His speech hurt minds and ego of all ITions, all took it as only a stupid mans criticize, and due to lack of analysis skills and political value nobody really thought about what he wanted to convey, you know you can always have many meaning from a single sentence, just imagination is required. Although his boss director of I2IT told his to make campaign about I2IT, he expressed his feelings about youth and pains about the IT world. He failed to satisfy his boss`s wish but succeeded in illuminating at least one mind.

So Don’t u think its mass enslavement? Education is not illuminating any lamp in students mind!

Exactly that`s true. Think what is greatest asset India got what is our most powerful resource that no other country has got? It’s the manpower… we the people, and they 2% of wealthy people need us for running their business.

They don’t need rivalries… no competitions… just pure business which will fetch profit.

If we consider the population pyramid of top economic countries, US more than 60% old people fighting for health policies with obama admin, china having upside down pyramid due to one child per family program and many more. Whereas Indian pyramid shows more than 50% under 18year age. In that way we have   got largest young and brilliant mind who have immense amount of talent… and who can question about talent level of Indian minds?

But what we are doing about it? Rather than developing it for our country…rather than exploiting it for ourselves we are exporting it. On the name of globalization on name of brain drain n many more.

The system is like every IIT student has got license to stat his or her business or child of any entrepreneur has right to begin new venture and we graduates from all other universities should act as slaves in their firms. (It`s not a hard n fast rule point is we never think about it coz we don’t know the possibilities associated with it…unawareness)

The system(here college) is doing pretty good job for it. They don’t allow us to have our own web site they don’t allow us to have students organization and many colleges even don’t have teachers organization.  Where as it is very important to have a platform to collaborate ideas, to fight against exploitation. We lack that too.

To any company or firm a lot of ‘skilled’ manpower is required. Undoubtedly India has got large amount of it, but does that mean every aspirant engineer should get the same kind of job I mean here education must liberate students over the IT world and let the students decide which field he will like to join. Sadly both students and system ignores this issue and if the client is not asking for upgrade why should developed give free of cost?

Other aspect of IT evaluation is that If you think on this then you will find some arguments as they are paying hefty amount of salary 2-5 lakhs per year to write codes. And here I don’t argue coz writing code is also art and some people love it, I have many friends who are ready for coding u just need to give them logic. This is also acceptable since these people have found their dream job. There s nothing wrong about it too.

But you know what Indian education system hardly produces programmers; it produces coders… not just in field of IT but in every field of engineering. What value an engineer has got today? And after getting that 3-4 lakhs per year they stop thinking, hardly 15% of then read news papers, more than 60% of them watch TV but never news channel. How they will know misery of this country and the remedies. Most of them don’t even read books their most trusted source of information is TV serials, movies and the advertisement that come in between them.

For a moment let’s keep aside IT, the other booming industry in India is and will be infrastructure i.e. related with civil, and mechanical engineering. There are 33 big infrastructure projects are going in India for which supervisors are from china and western countries. And we just have slaves from India… and they say India has got ample amount of talent, but no one can eat just talent, it is also important to give proper opportunities to the aspirant so that he can give shape to his talent and make most of from his skills and talent. Sadly with current education system student fails to or becomes timid in recognizing their hidden talent. It’s simple fact as the diamond hidden in earths curst never knows its value until someone carves it properly. Unfortunately the carvers of education system… well it’s unrealistic to expect them to do their job with professional touch without proper training. The teacher never gets any kind of training neither from university nor from college. They ask for SET and NET test but how on earth an exam creates a mind or develops skills necessary for teaching after all teaching is an art.

What happens without ethics and principles of morality is what we see today in our day to day life. Increased crime rates with mostly youth taking part in it, violence and many more. This all is deliberately supported by some political parties they beat other states students but they never arrange some or same coaching facilities which other states get in their respective states, they never try to increase level of competence in students instead they prefer violence.

I still remember I was with my father and his other colleague they were workers for an NGO working for scheduled caste people and they were discussing issue of a student who got 91% in 10th and failed to score in medical CET these people ware abusing the CET and such competitive exams saying that government has bought this into being to rule out SC candidates(?) and it’s another way to make money. “how can a 91% scoring student fail to score even 100 in CET there must be some manipulation going” I tried to explain them how CET like exams are test level of knowledge and how easy it is to score in board exams with guides but the people keep on refusing it.

Why I have included this episode here, this and like other people later comes in influence with political leaders their also they express their view in same way. This is not about one community or society but most of parents and students also think in same way. The vote banks hungry political then pressurize the education system to bring about changes, changes like decrease level of difficulty, repetition of questions, more reservation and many more. So this goes on becoming a vicious cycle.

We desperately need to break this because by lowering competency or difficulty will not solve problems of real world as all other world will move ahead with its own pace and if we might fail to be in race. A feeling like “I fell so behind that I thought I was the first one in race”

so all together India has got its next sachine tendulkar but he is currently working as software engineer, india also has its next  homi bhabha but he is currently working as Clark in post office. and like wise with lack of exposure and opportunities  India`s next talent is in darkness of unawareness. we need to ignite these minds.

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