It’s just business

part3:- It’s just business…pure business.

Since past few months I was looking for an answer, answer for a simple question, and India also known as biggest investor in IT sector… IT also called as Indian talent and we the proud IT engineers… but still we are most ignored people by industries, by HR departments while campus selection. Every year IT companies throw hundreds or thousands of ITions just like they were never part of their system. Is this what talent confines? Is this a life of dignity? So what is our value? And why we are so dependent and helpless? Why HRD prefer MCA, other branch and BSC comp people over BE IT? A lots of question but very few answered.

Some of my friends always says We engineers don’t get industrial experience! Well my only doubt is for IT what do u need to take practice knowledge or on site work experience?

A computer/ laptop + few pirated s/w + internet connection… that’s all! But as usual people love to give excuses so here it comes…they also have another excuse, ok I got all pc internet n s/w but who will tell me how to get going with this things? How should I begin from where I should I start?

Yes there lies the problem… we lack proper guide… many of my friends doing their job says same thing. Unfortunately the teachers also haven’t done this and without any sort of training from college or university it’s very difficult to again start from level 0. So what happen altogether is we get a bookish, exam oriented minded engineer after 4 year whose thinking capacity is deliberately blocked by all kind of outdated data, systems and most importantly TV,  games etc. Oh n how can I forget the most religious nation where people follow their rituals just because their father and forefather tells them to do without questioning or thinking about need of all.

Thinking is missing… analysis skills are nowhere… So does that mean this factory of (education)  is producing mindless robots?

Well It depends… it depends on individual what he wants to do with his future. Here my point of view is “no one should miss an opportunity just because his or his surrounding so called guides unawareness”. Awareness very crucial for mankind this one characteristic has brought us to all this progress and prosperity.

A pure IT engineer is one who is ”jack of all trades but master of at least one” that is the student must be aware of all things about IT and as per his interest he must be good in at least one field (just in my case web). So that for his job or masters course he can peruse his interest and can enjoy his work producing fruitful results for his company n for himself.

Unfortunately this hardly happen. The system is so poorly designed that we students never understand that 4 years of course are over and during course he never find time to peruse or find his own interest. Or he never find things interesting because of wrong methods of teaching.

If we see the trend in graduating engineers Very few students go after research fields and most of them (almost 9 out of 10)want to do MBA just because….. they don’t know since they think its routine that after doing BE if parents have pockets full of money you are supposed to do MBA course. But have you ever wonder what they learn? How they learn? You will find all the bullshit of system there. (I am not talking about the elite B-colleges like IIM,XLR etc those people know for what and why they are doing MBA).

In my perspective it’s just pure business to rob people, just another wastage of two years, spend 4-5 lakhs to get a +2 lacks job its that’s simple equation, no knowledge no ethics. Just pure business! If you observe their system n syllabus you will find that these values are inherent in BE syllabus, provided if you are doing your course faithfully with all recommended action. But who cares? It’s just business! Infact if they add another year to BE course with the B school final year syllabus, we can have MBA-BE engineers but it will harm revenue of colleges. So it’s all about business just money!


next : what about youth

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