The basics

part2: where is my IT power?

Just to tell u about the IT power, in IT industry the digital opportunity index is an e-index based on internationally agreed ICT(information and communication technology) indication. This makes it a valuable tool for measuring information society. This is standard tool that government, operators etc. use to measure the digital divide and compare ICT performance within countries. This list is topped by republic of koria. And India is not even in the top 25 countries. India is at 124th position. Do you still think we are IT super power or IT super slave provider!

And this India`s IT super heroes are manufactured in engineering colleges spared across India…. Brilliant engineers who understand the international politics in their early age choose their college wisely and go away from India to build their dream and rest of poor unaware minds, become IT engineers.

In engineering it is said if your basics are right then you can create marvels so they taught the basics to every branch of engineering…… Except IT, coz we don’t know what is at our base, we even don’t know what’s scope of it. so the most funny part of it is IT engineers can’t go to any core branch job but any engineer can penetrate in IT sector. Don’t you think it’s disgusting? Well actually it’s not since I think they have designed the course of IT in India as ‘this species called IT engineer are supposed to do all kind of computer clerical jobs (not critical)’ and so for doing clerical work no special skills or extra thinking is required just follow the orders! Anyone can do it. Any ways Let’s start from the beginning,

The definition of IT,

Information technology (IT), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is “the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.” IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and securely retrieve information.

Truly if you study your syllabus by heart you will understand that its flooded with the application aspect of tech world with very less base knowledge. Although it covers all aspects of IT, we the students never analyze syllabus seriously coz the kind of questions are quite known to us with the pattern. Unfortunately most of student study for exams not for divine knowledge of IT with which one can create marvels. (oh! it’s not our job to create marvels right, we have left it to foreign countries! We are there to server their systems. Best quality slaves.)

Let’s move to another aspect of story what is engineering

Engineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or inventions.

Combine these two term IT engineering and wow it’s a miraculous world out there, fantastic world where idea and innovation will rule everything…. But in reality this happen with really very few.

Wohhh… that’s too complicated isn’t it! Many of you might have read this for very first time, never mind this is not your fault. But if you don’t know about above two things then your BE degree is really without any soul you don’t know what you have done with the most precious 4 year of your life. Just the certificate of BE since university has prescribed so you have done the things. But who cares about soul? That’s entirely missing in every field. For study philosophy is important, why this part is included in syllabus what is its application that is missing totally just do it coz it is said in syllabus. In language of P.L despande “gappa basa” education system.

I always wonder if IT is so much important to all world why don’t they give that kind of respect to engineers. Well that’s the mystery of system.

Marketing…shortcuts are always costlier, easy money and lots of opportunities.

Overall this all is a fair n just business, no one is betrayed….

It even hurts more when u see your previous batch topper doing a course with you, struggling to find a job for him! I mean he is topper he has got something that puts him above all 40-45 candidates but hell! Isn’t  that sufficient to depict the face of stupid engineers? Now he and many students like him.

It’s not something new I am talking its same old story. We always refuse to accept our responsibilities and wise man homo-sapiens has found n no of tricks to divert his responsibilities deliberately.

I believe god is the biggest man made belief system in that direction. (By saying this I don’t mean we should ignore the supreme power or forget that something is there from which we can took inspiration and praise it to get blessing you know for feel good). My only saying is here also philosophy is missing and just simplest part that is pooja-path-yagn etc. is remaining very few think on holistic approach using their brain, and follow the philosophy or their religion

Why we need god?

If we don’t get something… Blame it of fate which in turn goes to god.

U get something good it’s god’s mercy.

Where r u? What is yours? Why to give credit to someone whom u cannot even see!

But god loves us, it gives tremendous power when we remember him. And everything is possible then it’s so simple! Have u ever wonder this power was always with u. But to make u believe in itself u need god.(I am also not exception to this!) Since the time u born, but with the grace of ur parents since childhood its bombarded that things happen because god has predefined script for all. So to bring ur true potential out remember almighty

I am not saying believing in god is madness in fact I believe it’s much needed to have faith in someone something above u. So why can’t it be our parents? Or the mentors?

Well this can be other topic of discussion but I don’t wana talk about it here so let’s move on.


next : Its just business

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