IT: indian tallent(wasted?)

part1:- th(re)e-idiots!

Aamir khan really makes some realistic movies, considering all aspects of characters and scenarios and that’s why they call him the perfectionist.  No wonder in his upcoming movie 3 idiots, the idiots are engineering students rightly so coz for only engineer is only species who can have both type of idiots simultaneously living homogeneously.

The two type of idiots are,

first whose straight meaning is a person of subnormal intelligence.

And second defined by Aamir khan (n I agree with one J) “an idiot is a person who is perusing his passion without thinking about surrounding, irrespective of the boundaries n myths made by system”.

Basically This term was specially invented to depict those are lacking in any professional skills. So now look for or ask yourself, after spending 4 years precious 4 years of youth in an engineering college do I posses any professional skill to engineer something new?

If answer is yes then that’s fantastic coz you are the idiot from aamir`s perspective Of 3 idiots. And for no; you know its meaning.

What a mess! And well I am also one of them a proud ‘stupid IT engineer’. (where stupid is the term reserved for societies perspective)  I remember last time a professor mr. henry  from I2IT quoted us by this term ‘stupid engineer ‘and we all ITions were like what the hell is talking about?  we are the ITions power of India, IT can do this n IT can do that and so on… our ego as ITions burst out there.

None of us including me took mr. henry seriously until I came across some books of successful management people including Mr. nandan nilekani, Mr narayan murthy, interview with IT entrepreneurs. (Plus some economics n politics history of India). And suddenly things got arranged in a sequence depicting the whole picture in front of my eyes what exactly IT in India is and what IT actually is. Oh and not to forget the open source, because of which I am making all such comments.

U can say this as a conspiracy theory or naked truth or whatever you what, I don’t care. Just one thing is sure our education system and the college, universities are betraying* with all of us, us means we the stupid ITions! (as I have only done IT engg can’t comment abt other branches but I don’t think their story will not be be different that this one)

I have verified the facts mentioned below but not validated yet but I am sure it’s like that only if you want you may validate it through proper RTI applications. Although I am damn sure no one going to do it. J and bytheway now I also know that this is not something new I am talking it’s just same old story running since last 60 years with all kind of revised syllabus! (body is changing but soul is the same.)

next:- the basics.

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