Few days back I was in pune for one of my exams and planned to return in 1 or 2 days but my smart mobile warned me about possible high wind and heavy rains in Kankan region so I postponed my journey. i dont know what is the server of the spb mobile shell s/w but its weather forcast always turns right. infact the day indian wather department warned about phyan my mobile said nothing serious just light rain will occur not even furious winds and same happened.

the place where I stayed, there was neither internet connection nor a computer just my pocket pc to connect with world. So it was first time I was out of my home without my laptop (which I gave away to my brother) n net => my lifeline as I m so much addicted to it. But then one of my friend in pune gave me some books And for the first time in my 22 year I read a complete fiction book ‘duniyadari’ The friend recommended it, bt ya it was the first book I mean u know like novel which I read without using google or wikipedia. it was fantastic experience since my childhood I have been reading all general knowledge n how stuff works kind of books. And so now I have realize that a world surely exist beyond computers n without internet which is also wonderful n u can actually enjoy it. And as usual after reading the book my engineering mind started analysis on all experience n stuff of books, relating things from past like,

One of my college friend used to say this to me, ‘sanyal come of of the computers a better world also exist there’….now I am realising it does. But when I realize it that friend is hell busy with her job n all. I don’t know whether I made a mistake by taking my academics way to seriously n practice coz it has made me so professional that I even judge things on basis of computer laws or management laws no emotions. Today I am ‘a none in particular’ engineer just what a bachelor degree is designed for. I am very satisfied with my academics can go ahead for master in any IT related field (infact in graphics too) or can join a B school, all basic are very much clear but what about communication? I always struggle to initiate and get going. The reason is very simple, when a teenager spend his time with friends chatting all time with his girlfriend I was busy with googling on my pc or mobile for elaborating some thing digging for some information. And unfortunately I never got company of friend having similar mindset as me ofcouse I had one friend always with me but he was 300km away in mumbai so can’t had practice working. my classmates always supported me but it was like external support just like cheer up (no doubt that`s also important!) ‘ya great going… keep it up… but keep me out of our stuff’ 🙂

I don’t know why this is like a rule that u have be a nerd to become a computer geek or something like that.

anyways coming out of computers is good but not exiting since the real time rules are very unpredictable, without any algorithm n mostly illogical too. but its fun to deal with dynamic problems!


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