distinction: did i earn it or it`s a god gift?

finally my much awaited, acclaimed distinction turn out as true, as i got the Xerox of  my answer papers. But then the papers raised many new questions for me. I actually don’t believe in god but the results defiantly made me think about him/her.

Not much just 2 marks but it will be added into my total to change my academic class (of course not sure coz anything can happen in Mumbai university as I remember in 6th sem I put a paper for revaluation and its result is still pending!!! Oh n I m graduate now so it’s been more than 18months they are evaluating my paper….)

when I saw the papers it looks like the paper checker had already decided what (s)he is going to give away, 6 or max 7 marks. no matter how good content of the answer is in fact for some question`s answer I literally cross checked book and found same contents in paper (it’s possible in Mumbai university coz 80-90% paper is repeated so with your experience you can guess what they can ask) but marks ware always given in range of 5-7.  Why if a student is writing each and every point as given in book with logic and justifying the asked question then what is the problem in giving full marks?? after all university level is test of knowledge and by virtue of the pathetic repeated paper we are presenting it as it is given in books!

But wait a minute coz there is another joke, The rule of theory is also applicable to problems. The marks allocated to problems, after solving the problem with every step and precaution mention in reference book with proper steps, diagrams and correct answer…. Still out of 10 awarded marks were 6-7. So in IT you write theory or solve problem you get 6-7 marks!!!  (Citation needed… how they do it???) don’t they have model answer coz in case of problems some teacher allocates full 10 marks to correct solution which is desirable.

Why they maintain this inequality in case of problems and theory? Why they look forward to preserve the outdated system of mark giving, if they ask some analysis based question then 6-7 or whatever mark system was justifiable but if answer is static (just like write note etc.) the answer is fixed so every correct answer will have same contents just like solved problem and if it covers all points mentioned in book or syllabus then what’s matter in giving full marks? Oh n if u say that tech. syllabus goes beyond book and that all, then please see my MM answer book, for MPEG note I have explained main MPEG layers (mpeg1,2,3,4) [all from wikipedia of course] and then technique of MPEG with diagram still I got 4 marks!, well there are many such examples. But d point is if the examiner is not knowing about it then which god is gonna help the student??? does that mean we student should limit our scope of knowledge for the sake of stupid, illiterate n irresponsible evaluator?

My another question is if you have decided that you are not going to award more than 7 at any cost (whether the paper is solved by reference book author also) why should student take affords of writing those long answers? Since if you write just points instead of full answer you get 4-6 marks. So what they exactly look for? strategy and planning also don’t work for Mumbai University. (i had tried in paper of project management) Since evaluation is based on total ad hoc methods. (have faith in god… right 😮 )

Another mystery is high scores from Mumbai colleges I don’t understand what they write in their answers to fetch 70-75 marks seamlessly where as we struggle around 60-65. we share same notes still no donuts for non mumbai ITions. 😦 I have spend lots of time in field of information security with actually doing hacking cracking and playing with viruses yet I got 54 marks in paper,(don’t consider me wrong, i am not saying tht im guru of IS still a lot to learn… but knew enough to write IS university paper)  it’s not like that I have not written paper well in fact the answers are inspired from my personal experience + Wikipedia+ the single reference book. Still 4-5 marks…. I don’t know how it works! I can bet on this if ankit phadia also appear for this exams he will also struggle to score par 60, coz that’s how it works. Nowadays I hate no. 54. oh n by the way i have got kaspersky home security expert certificate, (kaspersky knows me :)) not a big deal actually the syllabus is same as that of Info. security subject. but for passing u have to score above 80% n i have did it.

my another observation is that all above mentioned things happen prominently in IT faculty than any other branch, for tronix i have seen papers with 83 marks in theory (of course the student didnt knew basic concepts of the subject and couldn`t even justify why she has written it in answer) mech boys get full marks for solved problems in fact last year university topper was from my college itself. IT never gets respect from companies just like other branches get even s/w firms prefer mech n tronix boys over IT! it happens in every college.

Oh and most important it’s not like that I get distinction means I got 70%+ its more than 69.5% so university gives away 10 marks for free??? Why? Don’t they have faith in their paper checkers? Indeed.

I was disappointed coz I didn’t get distinction but there are bunch of students who struggle from passing in-spite they have written answers with potential to get marks but they prefer to be quite just let it be…. People after getting fu*ked up from university prefer to keep mum in fear that it will affect their reputation and term work marks and rightly so. there is no association of students who can take such issue further and most importantly students i.e. the people don’t care for it and just let it be… where as its much needed a strong oppose from student community, remember India is a democratic country and nobody listen to single voice…

For photocopy and revaluation students have to pay more than 600 rupees per subject which is greater than total fee paid for the exams, this is disguising its not fault of student but the university and system still student has to pay for it why? University must have refund policy if there is actually mistake in makes allocation process.

All together now I think this exams from Mumbai university is totally based on luck, a gamble and not test for talent (?) if you get good paper checker you get good marks n class else keep crying. (citation needed… i think it`s violation of fundamental right :- equality.. lets go to supreme court LoL 😉) Anyways for me the university exams is just way to get that damn degree that’s all matters, but then what about time that we students allocate for exams? the system don’t care for time of students it just cares for reputations of system.

Repeated questions, zero analysis, testing mugging up skills, disgusting evaluation and 6-8 months delay in processing revaluation… where are we going??? i dont know about other branches but for IT branch,  Mumbai university is factory of mug up experts which nourishes ‘mind less brains’ which can be easily enslaved in s/w companies. instead of making evaluation difficult they should bring more analysis based questions, but again that make examiners job hard, but i don’t understand why university conduct exams for examiners or for students?

So I really thank mr. god that all these “reality report” things happen in my last year. really the 2 marks n distinction thing doesn`t matters for me n i am glad that i haven’t failed to satisfy expectation of my own  n my teachers. i just hope some thing will change for new syllabus at least so that after getting his result the fortunate students will be able to say proudly that yes i have earned my distinction.

PS: there is another fascinating story i have to tell, but its really huge! i will post it soon… its about how i got 6 and 7 marks from the university evaluator n then how i got citation from the  author of the reference book, john nicolas citing that i deserve 10/10 for both problems… n when i indicated this to university how they irresponsibility responded that no one can challenge marks allocated by evaluator, its his discretion!
n real corruption in setting syllabus of IT… (yeh, i got proofs too)

9 thoughts on “distinction: did i earn it or it`s a god gift?

  1. Hi,
    Sanyal.This is really strange to read……..but bitter truth….. and What anyone can comment on this???.Because i kno no one can change this unless and untill the system is in safe hands.So dear u r movn towards right way.To make change smthing at ur level.Ma best wishes are always with u with all possible help from me.anyways all the best for UPSC xam…well this xam is not like University Of Mumbai(Hope So)


  2. Another nice subject…

    But you are wrong… thats why you saying that our university is wrong…
    You went wrong when you thought that you’ll get knowledge after BE…
    You went wrong when you thought that you’ll get knowledge related to our field of interest after selecting proper branch…
    You went wrong when you thought that our education system is for students…

    The truth is, you can get degree but not knowledge…

    How can you expect 10/10 marks for your answer?
    For that, you need to mug up all the things from your book, not from wiki & web! (Oh! again your did mistake in university paper… you wrote what really MPEG means…)

    & BTW, You know how they check papers… Have you used Version Control System?
    Google it… they use this type of software to check papers…
    They just compare your answer with book theory…

    then, you need to write answer for each question for 2-3 pages, no matter what it contains…

    On my first attempt of EDC, I wrote “Breathless” in answer sheet.
    But I forgot to write question number before that… Shit!

    Again you expected result of revaluation… How can you do that???
    & before your next attempt? Its big mistake…

    & Congrats!!!
    You got 70% means you actually got almost 88% marks… becoz university allows max 8 marks for each question, means max marks you can get are 80.
    So, 70/80 are good marks dude… 🙂 You should be happy!
    Saw my logic… Im IT students man.. from MU!!!

    Just to know… I’ve done BE from Konkan Dyanpeeth Academy. 😮
    (I dont know where it is. Sorry!)
    According to Convocation certificate from Mumbai University!!!


  3. i fully agree with ur thaughts but theres no point discussing coz this is a life long problem with our beloved university ………..and defenetely exams in mumbai university is just a gamble coz it wud have difficult to pass after studying just 2 or 3 days for every paper in 8th sem for me , i use to select some 15 to 16 odd question concentrate on them and to my surprise 6 to 7 of the questions wud defenetly cum in the paper and i was able to score 55 up consistently from my 3rd sem…….so if u make such kind of papers whts the point of making a syllabus……..everything in engg was defenetely shitbag…….neve mind it has atleast taught me how to work on smaller goals instead of pressing the panic buttons………kudos to mumbai university…….and mumbai university doesnt belive in change is refreshing ….it blives in change is depressing…….n it defenetely is look at the new syllabus…it s**ks big time …….


  4. “violation of fundamental right :- equality..” this is true thing in case of mumbai university..
    are leave about mumbai university,2nd year and 3rd year papers college madhe check hotat…2 very true incidences mazya batchchya babtit ghadalele mi tula sangato.
    1 tar mazyach babtitla ahe..ani 1 in general..mazi exam 17 la sampat ahe..then i will start batting(sehavag style..?) on this blog..


  5. so much negativity… my blog is getting darker day by day… i never wished so but its all happening.
    now i have started feeling that by opening discussion on these issues i am doing something terribly wrong… i don’t know how it works, but something must be done to improve the standard of education system and hence engineers.
    @ prasad : thanks for keeping hopes,once i get the power i will do every thing n anything about what i said on this blog. n ya UPSC is way different that any university exams perhaps most difficult civil services in the world.
    3 phases and your every aspect of knowledge, personality, intense social feeling and intelligence every thing gets tested.


  6. The quality of examiners is the biggest question mark here…..Similarly the way university CAP(Central assessment programme) is arranged… I’m bound not to disclose few things here for some other reasons…

    With increasing number of students appearing for the exams it is becoming more and more hectic for examiners as well as the university……

    Last year (2008-09) total 26 FE students cleared the subject CP-I in revaluation…!!! and the worst case(actually the best case as far the end-result is concerned…!!!!) was a student got 18/100 initially and after revaluation it was 56/100…!!!!

    The examiners are under tremendous pressure at CAP and they are not relieved from the duty unless they complete evaluation of 300-350 papers…..Since there are many more duties @ college level as well as with some personal reasons it may not be possible for examiners to spare more than 7 days for CAP…

    I’ve also seen the way the examiners from mumbai colleges work…. they are merely @ CAP for 2-2.5 hrs per day and still complete the quota..!!!!!


    1. The number 26 I mentioned is from FAMT only….!!! It would be much bigger taking all FE students from university into consideration…..


      1. well thanks a lot for showing other side of system.
        what can i say… things are very much complicated and really need strong action to improve anything.
        last week i was in pune n meet with my friends over their they also said same things, what we hv disscused here.
        same thing was pointed out by director of yashada + problem of less staff with lack of skills. he also added ego issue of management.
        any ways the students of pune are at least aware of this all and are working to solve it by mutual teaching n helping some group of students conduct free classes (open source) for needy students on request.
        that’s really impressive move.


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