Let The Power Be With You

Each thought is a prayer and every prayer is answered. So, watch your thoughts. Each thought creates certain vibrations in and around us thereby reaching the Omnipresent naturally. Each prayer is answered as soon as it is heard and each prayer is heard as soon as it is said. The effort that we do need to make, however, is in ensuring that all our thoughts are positive so that our prayers do not keep cancelling each other’s effects. Everything that we think about receives energy through our thought. When we accept our power, we also learn to send our power packets to the all that give us happiness. We stop sending them to those that upset us because we don’t want to energise them and increase their role in our lives. At times, when we are praying, we might be asking the Creator to help us forgive those who have done us wrong while at other times we might be busy condemning the person for doing the same. Brooding over the past in this manner will give rise to anger and possibly, revenge. In our ignorance, we are sending our power packets to the wrong that we experienced, the person we believe wronged us and to the emotions of anger and revenge. These will then easily negate those we sent during our prayer for forgiveness. Later, we might even find it convenient to blame the Creator for not answering our prayers. Accepting the past and whatever unpleasant may have taken place helps us integrate it in us. Reminding ourselves that the other person in question is entitled to his own way of looking at things and handling his life helps us accept whatever happened between him and us in a neutral manner and move on. Only then we can continue to create positive vibrations to ‘forgive and forget’. It really should be ‘accept and forgive’. Accept them as they are and forgiveness follows naturally. Trying to forget only makes us remember it some other time. Accepting it actually frees us of the burden. It was about four months since we had moved to Chandigarh when one morning on her way to school, the bus my daughter was travelling in met with an accident. A truck hit the bus and a windowpane broke and fell on my daughter’s hands, leaving her with cuts and scratches. While narrating the incident, she also told me that all the children in the bus were concerned about her. She said despite the blood and the pain, she felt good. She recollected earlier incidents in other places we had moved to where it was through some sort of suffering that she got to make friends in the new place. She finally said: “I knew something like this will happen and i will make friends here also.” Needless to say, i pointed out to her that it was this belief of hers that was creating this misery for her time and again and that she deserved to make friends wherever she went easily and effortlessly… All you have to do is to believe in your power to create your life afresh and send the right power packets out to the Universe.

[article by Shivi Dua]

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