OMG we dont have student representative bodies!

i was checking out planning commission`s reports and major legislative decisions since 2004, and then today i came across this article in times of india,

Three years after a Supreme Court order made student elections mandatory for all colleges and universities in India, students on most Maharashtra campuses have complained that the judgment is yet to be implemented in the state. The Supreme Court order was based on the recommendations of a committee headed by India’s former chief election commissioner J M Lyngdoh.
“Students have the right to elect their own representatives. This is an essential function of democracy that has been denied to Maharashtra’s students,’’ said Shoaib Qureshi, former general secretary of the Mumbai University student council.
Currently, faculty at each department of the university nominate a student to the student council.
Those nominated to the student council then elect a general secretary. The Lyngdoh Committee report, however, calls for a direct election process for students.
Student polls have been a fiery affair across the country but the action has been missing on
Maharashtra’s campuses for the last 15 years after the murder of student leader Owen D’Souza in 1994. That year itself, the Maharashtra Universities Act outlawed student union elections.
When TOI contacted Vijay Khole, who retired as Mumbai
University vice-chancellor a couple of weeks ago, he said Maharashtra Universities Act would require the necessary amendment before student union elections could be held in the state.
The state has sent a circular to universities initiating dialogue on how elections should be held. “I am part of a SC-appointed committee on the prevention of ragging. The SC has now asked us to look into the implementation of the Lyngdoh Committee report. The committee has sent letters to all states, asking them to make amendments in their laws and conduct student polls,’’said Chandra Krishnamurthy,Mumbai University acting vice-chancellor and SNDT University vice-chancellor.

so i checked J M Lyngdoh report and found really good things about it, motivation and philosophy of J M Lyngdoh commission is really good, to make students aware of actual process of legislature and democracy(recommended not which happen in real world).
well, there are many such legislative provisions provided for students but neither students nor teachers are interested in implementing them. teachers in fear to lose their authority (+ lack of staff) and student, well poor people never get such information; who will tell them if teachers prefer to keep mum???

unawareness and preservation of outdated structure….blah…blah… same cause of misery of Indian institutions and system. same old story…..

some times i think solution is very simple, since problem is common 😉 what do u think?

10 thoughts on “OMG we dont have student representative bodies!

  1. I can make you more stunned……. In FAMT we don’t have even “Teachers Association/union” which is supposed to be there to conduct some teacher oriented activities as well as to solve the disputes between teacher(s) and management…..!

    Many faculty members(including Management GURUs) are not aware of this… how to expect them to have any knowledge about students…!!!


  2. As per the norms to assist every Head of Dept. it requires a full time clerk and a peon… whereas scenario is, every HODs are doing all the jobs to be done by them…!

    The reason is the non-technical people can form their union which management don’t want to exist……


    1. If the teaching staff is kept busy in clerical and non technical activities, one can just imagine hw much frustrating it cud be… and If any one tries to complain about that then, you hear – “उसमे क्या है …….करने का “…..!!!!


  3. thank you very much for citation! really this facts stunned me…stunned

    horrible… i am talking about helping the students, bring them under a common hood and here the teacher itself are not safe n united. before students actually staff needs support. that is one of the reason of communication barrier.
    हे कशाला ते मॅनेजमेंटचे पाठ शिकवतात ! खरतर मॅनेजमेंटलाच लेक्चर्ला बसुन बेसिक्स क्लियर करणे गरजेच आहे.
    after this i serously thing that students and teacher should get united n should really fight for their rights!!!
    in my last talk with jadhav sir, he gave me idea about ut in a deplomatic way but i didint get it at that time now i m understanding it.
    the problem is far deep rooted than i anticipated.
    this is FAMT management,
    the management is dancing like everything is going fine but in really they are ruining many dreams supporting all disgusting things in the black shadow.
    these are the poor unaware students spending all 4 years…
    and this is waht happen when they get out in real world…

    and this is also happening as per std. Indian Mgmt. “till some one made it compulsory we are not going to act”…. so wait till HRD minister make it compulsory.


    1. I’m waiting for the right opportunity to put the fire…..Rocket will be left with no choice then…..!!!!!


      1. So actually I hv three rockets…first is the management… second the co-workers and third will be the students…..!!


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