India 134th out of 182 countries

India ranks 134th out of 182 countries, the same as in 2006, in the 2009 Human Development Report released
on Monday.
China registers the largest gain in rank, moving up seven places to finish at 92. The United States dropped one place to end at 13.

The HDR ranks countries on the Human Development Index (HDI), measuring their progress on three key indicators
— education, life expectancy and income measured by purchasing power parity.

Developed in 1990 jointly by Amartya Sen (nobel winner Indian economist)and Mahbub ul Haq, the HDI is a summary measure of a country’s human development.


Author: sanyaldk

I am a student, and I like to explore. after graduating as an engineer, I chose to learn about the non technical stuff about life because I felt curious about them. Unlike the engineering, these fields of social life were more complicated and difficult to have any consensus or even logic. yet, I saw life somehow always flourishing! My attempt is to understand these complex social issues in life and present them in simple terms, and this blog is an humble attempt in that direction. currently I am preparing for the Civil services i.e. Indian administrative service which involves study of all aspects related with India, its society and its governance.

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