what your college has promised you?

i am presenting some part of news here, for details click here

If an educational institute indulges in malpractices like failure to deliver on its promises and charges capitation fee it will face the prospect of closure, according to a tough law being prepared by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry.

Seeking to bring an end to the illegal practice in technical professional colleges, the ministry has prepared a draft legislation which prescribes cancellation of registration of an institute for charging capitation fee.

“Capitation fee will be covered under the legislation prepared by the ministry to curb educational malpractices.

Institutions will be under the pain of loosing their recognition if they resort to such malpractices,” HRD Minister Kapil Sibal told PTI.

The anti-malpractice law is being prepared in view of large number of complaints against institutes indulging in malpractices like not providing the kind of education and other facilities as promised in their prospectus.


this is directly from page of FAMT web site of IT department

now for ITions of FAMT check out configuration which management say`s is there n what you have witness actually.
academic year 2009

this is what college administration/ management promise us to give.
ask yourself (pass-out of FAMT,IT)did u get all these?
or current studding students see whether you are getting it or not.
i might be exaggerating here, but you can determine based on your personal experience.

i am presenting example of FAMT (of just 1 department) here.
this doesn’t mean FAMT doesn’t fulfill what it promises to give.
i feel proud to be FAMT ITion coz its authentic info.

here it`s just an example.

well at least FAMT provides more transparent information than most of colleges of mumbai university.


for all,
but see whether your college is doing justice with you or not.

read the prospectus which u have got during your admission, see what your college has promised you to give n whether it is happening or not. in today`s knowledge based world its your right to get what you have paid for. wake up!!! unless n until u ask for it, no one is going to give it to you.

2 thoughts on “what your college has promised you?

  1. But let us consider the college looses its registration, it will be the students from the college again whose careers may be in trouble..


  2. dot worry, this thing is not yet accepted as law, besides foreign universities are comming in india soon to set their academic shops here.
    noarway is opening marine engineering college and deal is going on.
    its just business, good quality will win the deal.


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