aren`t we reist too?

part 1

i call this as racism in Indian  style, check out few facts which i have collected from various magazines like outlook, the week, India today.

  • a madurai sessions court sentences farook batcha to two years` RI in 2008 for harassing his wife so much about being dark that it drove her to suicide.
  • in 2007, IPL authorities allegedly asked two black cheerleaders of the kings XI punjab team to go back home.
  • the information and broadcasting ministry issues a notice to nimbus communications for a resist ad suring the 2007 india west indies series.
  • bilyamiu ibrahim, a nigerian student at engineering college in noida, is spat at by one of his indian senior.
  • in may 2009 a group of iraqi student was attacked by 150 students in greater noida.
  • the delhi police issued guidelines in 2007 to students from northeast. tips including a strict no to “revealing dresses” and curbing traditional food with alian aroma like”bamboo shoots” which offends neighbours.
  • in most of the ad films the model is shown with fair complexion, except the rediff new ad 🙂
  • dark skinned babies find few takers at adoption agencies.
  • the north esters(from Manipure)  is made to feel  alien in his country

plus India has a big history of discrimination based on cast system n which is now abolished. and that’s really good.

part 2

and about the recent attacks on India students,

In 2002 there was just over 11,000 Indian students in Australia, and by 2005 this number had grown to over 27,000

see the graph below,

Indian Students in Australia Chart

the students from india keep their let it be attitude in the australia also, causing dirt around the places where they life.

of cource this was not done by each n every person but if some people does so, every one has to suffer. this is seen in every society since years.

ok, after the dirt incidence, the Indian students as per habits keep looking at the girls of australia causing some girls inconvenience and  their brothers and relatives like ours in india took corresponding actions. including beating n all.

finally the students where so outnumbered the australian that the native people fail to get admission in their countries colleges causing further unsatisfation, plus after getting graduates the Indian took job in Australia causing unemployment fro the native people as we know a well educated Indian beats any one in world 😀

and then the youngsters star acting and thus started the raciste attacks in Australia.

part 3

if the as*h*le government of india want to do something on this they should make available such education courses in india. as i mentioned earlier :Indian students now spend $7 billion to go abroad and study in foreign universities because of the poor quality of education at home. Yet the government drags  it feet over permitting foreign universities to set up shop in India. Where in same cost we can successfully implement and run around 10 more IITs.

why cant they do it in india????

i have answer, this is called as indian foreign policy!!! as far as Australia is concerned it is source of Uranium and we desperately need it. thats why our great foreign minister SM krishna went to australia meet with both gov. of Aus. and indian in aus. and said “it is not resist attacks the australian gov. will take action on attackers….” same old story. no firm action.

better than this bullsh*t we must change our education system and bring the foreign universities to set their colleges in india so that our students will not need to go outside, what do u think?

NOTE: part 1 and 3 are totally based on fats and true while Part 2 is what i think, except the statistics all other part is fiction n just my opinion i dont have any proof for that :).

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